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President Simulator game ideas.

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Copy and pasted from my steering council post :)

Post your guys ideas below!(since anthony just announced this game)

-Real candidates(1788-present)

-Start with being able to play from 1788-present

-if your term limits are up or if its before the bill to limit reelection gets passed die, you are able to continue to play as your party from whenever you want to (if you want to play from 1788 to today with all events happening you can)

-Being able to have the option to continue as another one of your parties candidates after your term limits are up

-Senate/H.O.R opinion on a candidate has effect on if a bill/law gets passed

-Custom Character creation(pre game)

-Custom characters option to choose previous field (Senator,Rep,Athlete,Businessman,Governor.,etc.)and what they were effects there attributes and opinions

-Third party option(or 4th,5th,etc. depending on what partys existed in that time)

-Full control over the military

-Full stats for all elections in a history book of sort for your game also wars and casualties on each side who won,cost,opinion,etc. also for your current game what states and everything approve on you and who'd vote for you,and states views just like PI

-Elections exactly like or better than President Infinity

-All historical events and your decisions depend on if they happen

-depending on what time it is depends on certain opinions of laws and parties

-All third parties/other parties that got atleast 10,000 votes in every election are an option!(includes socialist,communist,constitution,libertarian,peace and freedom,green,independent,reform,etc. thats just for the present also whatever ones existed in that elections time period)

-depending on the time period strength and opinion of third parties change

-third parties can win senate and H.O.R seats

-Being able to change every aspect of the budget an this has affect of opinion

-Religion,ethnicity,gender,age group,job area(low-class,mid-class,Upper-class)opinion (also stats for who votes for you what percentage of a group wants you)

-promising certain things during your campaign and presidency and this affects your approval,voting chance,etc.

-Full blown scenario editor (also if there would already be premade state maps with countys already in so i could run for governor thatd be great!)

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Cool stuff by now. Here are some additional suggestions:

- Appoint your cabinet and if necessary new supreme court justices.

- running as an independent, if you have a complex relationship with your party

- family editor (wife & Kids)

- making a short list of running mates and negotiate with them to get a good oversight

- appointing ambassadors to other (major) countries

- state of the union possibility

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Supreme Court appointments will be perfect, if you can edit the make up of the Senate. Imagine winning the presidency as Cruz yet the Democrats regained control of the Senate! He could not nominate a pure bred right wing justice, but possibly have to settle on another swing justice like Justice Kennedy.

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@anthony already have done so,im libertarianoftheusa on the blog post i just changed my forum name :D

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Same here :D I'm Luki ;)

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