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The Last Republican

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Does anyone have a link to a President Infinity/President Forever game manual?

I've played the game for awhile, but I need to see some kind of refresher.

A few examples:

1. Does it matter when I target a state?

2. Does the timing of endorsements matter?

3. Am I better off building up organizational strength before creating footsoliders and polling?

4. Is your polling less accurate if you haven't targeted a state or don't have any organization there?

I appreciate any help on the subject. Thanks.

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The President Infinity manual is here


and it will be expanded in the future.

It is accessible in game by clicking the ? button on the Start or Main Screens.

I have noted your questions for inclusion in the Help File.

1. Yes, targeting gives you bonuses for a state. The earlier you target, the earlier these bonuses apply.

2. Yes, because some endorsements give you momentum. Momentum is critical around a primary or the general election.

3. Org. Strength and Footsoldiers are synergistic. The result is a multiplication of the two, so which one to focus on depends on your campaign's Command attribute, funds, and CPs.

4. No, polling is only affected by whether or not you are polling in that state.

Hope this helps.

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Question I didnt see it in the manuel, is this game a Multiplayer game? If so how does it work playing with friends? Is it a direct play kind of thing or a go to a room kind of thing?


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I believe you'd have to play the old-fashioned "hot-seat" or "by e-mail" multiplayer styles of some older TBS games, as far as I know. Although I could be wrong, I have yet to see an online multiplayer feature for this game in any menu.

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