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Issues in post-2008 US Presidential and Congressional Election Scenarios By TheorySpark

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I've probably mentioned this before a couple of times, but I can't help but find the way every TheorySpark-made US scenario, whether for C4E2012, CI, P4E2016, or PI, slavishly and without any sort of alterations to wording of it's stances uses the same issues exactly as introduced in the 2008 scenario for P4E2008. There have been, however, many issues that have come up since then that should either be their own issues or notably alter the wordings of stances for existing issues. For example:

-ISIS/ISIL/IS (whatever you wish to call it)

-The Arab Spring (including the resulting Libyan and Syrian Civil Wars)

-The Ukrainian Conflict and Russian expansion of it's political and military spheres

-North Korea

-NSA and other government agencies' warrantless, and without any public accountability, electronic surveillance

-Drone warfare, notably unauthorized by Congress

-Police authority and powers (especially in regards to African-Americans and assumptions of Latinos "automatically" being illegal immigrants)

-The passage and subsequent involving Obamacare (which should alter the wording of Health Care issue stances)

-State laws and federal court rulings on same-sex marriage (which should alter the wording of Same-Sex Marriage issue stances)

-The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact

-The legalization/decriminalization (or not) of cannabis products

Those are just a few to consider. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a bunch. But, the issues in US elections have changed SIGNIFICANTLY, election to election, since 2008.

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Yes, you're right. The issues stand to be updated, and it will happen at some point.

Probably it will happen when the way issues work is changed as well, so issue positions have tags for spectra ('social', 'economic', 'military', say, so there can be someone who is left social but right economic, and so on) and can be grouped in categories, which allows for more issues that are encapsulated so as to not make things to complex if not desired.

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