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See which party your stance on issues are.

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Here are my results:

98% Green (although, they haven't fielded a competent politician since Ralph Nader. I would probably never vote for them, except in local elections).

92% Democrat

59% Socialist (I'm really surprised this isn't higher. It's probably because Socialists haven't evolved and I come at Socialism with a 21st century mindset.)

58% Libertarian (this really surprises me. Although I can agree with some of their stances regarding privacy and avoiding wars, I find them to most be the greatest band of lunatics we've seen since the Dixiecrats. Them and the Tea Party.)

10% Republican (Some like Huntsman, and occasionally Christie, have some merit as politicians. However, the Tea Party really hurts this once admirable party.)

My ideology is: Left-Wing (I support policies that support social and economic equality)

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My results>

93% Democrat (Seems about right, I would vote for progressive Democrats.)

92% Green party (Wouldn't vote for them because of Florida 2000 :P)

52% Socialist (That was a big surprise, I figured they would be in the 70-80%)

46% Libertarians (We share foreign policy views, that's it!)

17% Republican

My ideology is Left Wing. no surprise :)

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My results

78% Green Party

76% Democratic Party

56% Constitution Party

53% Republican Party

52% Conservative Party

34% Socialist Party

31% Libertarian Party

They have me down as a centrist. I'm not surprised at Libertarian being last or Republican being around 50 but I didn't expect to get such a high % of similarity with the Democrats (I would have expected a bit above 50).

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77% Republican

24% Democrat

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