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Perfomance issues

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Recently downloaed the new update for President Infinity, looks very enjoyable with all the new candidates yet I seem to be having some performance issues. Takes 1-2 seconds to move to states and get up new screens where as before it was effortless, seems to crash after 4-5 turns becoming unresponsive.

Is this because it's in the testing stage? Never had any problems before on President Forever, Thanks

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Since the new update to President infinity 2016 we have been noticing that there are candidates that aren't on the ballot in some states and while they appear in each states polling info (when you click on the state) but when the primary day comes around all of that support the polling info showed goes to another computer controlled candidate.

Is this an issue for anyone else? It makes the game very difficult to play since its impossible to know where all of that support will go (sometimes its the candidate right behind me or someone else who is at the bottom of the poll).

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