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As I have no idea how to design a scenario, HELP!

Harry Hayfield

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The main political news in the UK at the moment (although I suspect it will get swamped on September 19th by the Scottish referendum) is the Clacton by-election caused by Douglas Carswell defecting from the Conservatives to UKIP and then resigning as the MP for the seat in order to contest the by-election as UKIP. Now, as I have no idea how to create a scenario, what I will be doing is making notes here of all the major events that happen in the by-election campaign (news stories, events, candidate nominations) and am hoping that someone can make a scenario out of it or tell me what to do?

Day One: Wednesday, August 27th 2014

News: Douglas Carswell MP (Con, Clacton) defects from Con to UKIP

Events: Nigel Farage MEP (UKIP) calls on fellow Eurosceptic MP's to follow

News: David Cameron calls defection "strange"

Day Two: Thursday, August 28th 2014

News: Douglas Carswell tours Clacton constituency

Events: Roger Lord (UKIP prospective candidate) hints that he may stand for the Conservatives

News: Liberal Democrats HOLD Jesmond North on Newcastle Council

Day Three: Friday, August 29th 2014

News: UK Terror Alert raised to Severe

News: David Cameron urges Britons to be aware of surroundings

News: Seriously ill child taken without consent from hospital

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