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South Africa 2014

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With President Jacob Zuma's popularity tanking after numerous incidents in his first two terms, will the ANC, which has won two solid decades of nothing but landslide victories on the national level, lose it's first national election since the end of Apartheid, or will Zuma, facing a divided opposition, eke out another victory for the party of the recently deceased Nelson Mandela, viewed by most as the Father of South Africa?

A little project I'm planning perhaps after West Germany 1949, if I can somehow arrange a proper map. Any thoughts or comments are welcome and appreciated.

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Now that I have a map (many thanks to Tayya!) and the election results are in, I may have to take this back up. I would like to finish West Germany 1949 first (which I've really been dragging my heals on), but I may take a break from that.

There are a couple of things I do need advice on for this scenario:

-How should I do seat allocation? In actual real-world post apartheid South Africa, there are 400 seats in the National Assembly divided between the parties by pure PR (much like Israel) with an incredibly low threshold of 0.2%. Obviously, this can't be perfectly replicated in a TheorySpark game, not even K4E. Any ideas of how to do this?

-And, I'm still debating issues, so any input is appreciated.

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