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Hurtig 1993

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I just got Prime Minister Forever Canadian.

Since 1993 is one of our history's most interesting elections, I started with that. I decided to run as the National Party.

Their goal is to win 4% of the vote and a seat.

I've tried 4 times and I can't even come close to winning a seat. I usually target Hurtig's riding in Edmonton, and then 2-3 of the likelier spots in Alberta and BC.

I've tried lots of different approaches, but just can't win a seat. I've won endorsements, I've made successful ads, I've changed my platform, I've given lots of speeches, I've sent my Crusaders around, I've kicked up scandals, I've changed my themes, I've ignored everything except Alberta and/or British Columbia. I've done just about everything I can think of.

Any ideas on how to win with the little guy? He has lots of CP, and a reasonable pile of cash - any tips?

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Are you playing the scenario with all 16 parties?

I would just stay in Alberta and target the 2 top target seats. Did you turn on the footsoldier creation button as well? This will increase Hurtig's candidate strength from 4 stars to 5 eventually. I would say put your PP's on the endorser with the highest momentum at +46, use 4 to be endorsed straight away, then target one of the endorsers on +36 endorsers with 1 PP and your CP's. On the first day, right away target Manning with an ad for 3 days, then attack Chretien with ad following , also at the cheapest price. Only attack in Alberta. Then get an ad for yourself for 3 days too. Are you researching issues to gain insight? Use a good few attacking policy speeches mostly aimed at Manning with insights. When money starts getting low spend a few days fundraising, to squeeze out a few more barnstorming sessions, or another ad run overnight. Also with policy speeches, spin your speech story to the max, for the biggest effect. Continue themes against Manning mostly and Cretien, keep space for themes for Hurtig. Hope this helps.

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