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Europe 2010

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I'm putting together a European Union scenario.

Not being hugely computer literate, however, I am struggling to put a map together. I was wondering if there was some kind soul out there who might volunteer?

Many thanks.

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Well, I've struggled on to get a working map. Now moving on to issues. Any thoughts? At the moment I have:

Agriculture / CAP

Citizenship + Identity

Competition Law


Democratic Defecit

Environment + Energy

The Euro

European Commission

European Courts

European Federalism


Foreign Policy

Free Movement

Humanitarian Aid / Development


MEP's Expenses

Regionalism v Centralism


Problem is that a lot of them are quite structural and less ideological / political, which is a bit dull. Not everything's gonna be a winner though, I guess. Would love to hear anyone else's views, though...

Also, I'm planning on putting some events in that reflect the real world. So far I have thought of:

Lisbon Treaty ratified (Boost for anything Eurosceptic)

Greece becomes insolvent (Negative for the Euro)

European Parliament elections (Boost for the right)

Obama elected (Boost for the left)

Iraq War Inquiry (Negative for Blair)

Any ideas for some more?

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How about these for issues?


Balanced Budget

Crime and Terrorism





Financial Crisis

Foreign Policy




Social Security

States’ Rights

Tax Reform



Welfare State

And political parties:

EPP (Conservatives)

PES (Social Democrats)

ALDE (Liberals)

Green-Left (Greens and Left-wingers)

Eurosceptic Bloc (Nationalists, Anti-European Conservatives)

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