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France European Election 2009

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Parties (I absolutely need good logos)

UMP (Leader: Michel Barnier)

Parti Socialiste (Leader: Harlem Désir)

Europe Écologie (Leader: Daniel Cohn-Bendit)

Mouvement Démocrate (Leader: Marielle de Sarnez)

Front de gauche (Leader: Jacky Hénin)

Front national (Leader Jean-Marie Le Pen)

Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (Leader: Olivier Besancenot)

Libertas: (Leader: Philippe de Villers)

Regions (MEP per regions were modified to a have an even number):


Île-de-France: 6 FPTP + 6 Proportional =12

East: 5 FPTP= 5 Proportional= 10

West: 5 FPTP + 5 Proportional =10

North West: 5 FPTP + 5 Proportional= 10

South West: 5 FPTP + 5 Proportional= 10

South East: 7 FPTP + 7 Proportional= 14

Massif-Centre: 3 FPTP + 3 Proportional= 6

Outre-Mer: 2 FPTP + 2 Proportional= 4

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