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Patine's Scenarios

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Here's what's currently in my scenario queue. I'm still hashing out priority on some of them. Advice on what people would like to see as high priority would be welcome. Scenarios are in alpha-numerical order.

Alberta 1921 (Alberta Premier Forever)

Alberta 2013 (Alberta Premier Forever)

Austria 2008 (Chancellor Forever) (99% Done)

Canada 1940 (Prime Minister Forever)

Canadian President 2012 (President Forever + Primaries)

Georgia 2010 (President Forever + Primaries)

Hutali 2010 (Prime Minister Forever)

Jamaica 2007 (Prime Minister Forever)

Japan 2009 (Chancellor Forever)

South Guanjin 2009 (Prime Minister Forever) (Only Ridings and a few details left)

United States 1789 (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 1796 (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 1824 (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 1828 (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 1840 (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 1848 (President Forever + Primaries) (Only an error needs fixing)

United States 1860 (President Forever + Primaries) (Good start)

United States 1936 (With alternate history) (President Forever + Primaries) (Mostly done)

United States 1996 (President Forever + Primaries) (99% Done)

United States 2012 (My version) (President Forever + Primaries)

United States 2016 (President Forever + Primaries) (Mostly done)

United States 2020 (President Forever + Primaries)

Wales 2015 (Chancellor Forever)

Washington 2008 (President Forever + Primaries) (Done except for events and some endorsers)

Ones with no progress status resport haven't been started or only have minimal progress.

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Alberta 1921, Hutali 2010, Jamaica 2007, Japan 2009, South Guanjin 2009, Wales 2015 and for PFE, USA 1860.

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Weirdly, no Canadian President scenario was ever made for P4E+P. I would also like to see a good remade of the 1984 Canadian election with a new map and alternate leaders. I think the 1940 Federal Election is too one sided, as I think 1945 would be better to do as this have many smaller parties that had good scores.

This is my list. I most say that I don't have too many ideas these days and I am very busy, but I have a few scenarios started.

Caledonia-2009 (Almost done)

Seneca-2009 (See thread)

Nuuk-2009 (Based on Greenland)

Zion-2010 (Based on Middle-East type country)

Norway-2009 or Iceland-2009

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From Wikipedia:

Stassen was later best known for being a perennial candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President, seeking it twelve times between 1944 and 2000 (1944, 1948, 1952, 1964, 1968, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000)

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can you send me the Japan 2009,South Guanjin and Jamaica scenarios ?.because the link does not works.

send it to primardha@gmail.com


I'm afraid those three aren't done yet. :(

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I'm afraid those three aren't done yet. :(

I agree. Haven't seen one of those being completed. Though I haven't tried checking it these past few days.

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