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New Mexico Governor 2002 (Fictional)

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I'm working on a scenario about a fictional 2002 New Mexico gubernatorial election. It's based on the story and characters from the novel The Road To Santa Fe by Norman Zollinger. The story follows the campaign of Democrat Enrique Tyndall Garcia (nicknamed "Rick"). He's the district attorney of the fictional Chupadera County, New Mexico. He's recovering from the suicide of his wife, and looking to just serve out the rest of his term. Democratic Party powerbroker Ashley McCarver runs across Garcia, learns of his story, and recruits him to run for Democratic nomination for governor. The only other candidate for the nomination "...might as well be a Republican," and McCarver sees Garcia as the DNC's only hope of holding onto the governor's mansion.

I won't go into further detail about the novel, but I'll put out some information about the scenario I'm working up. Let me know if there's any interest in this.


Enrique T. Garcia (since Chupadera County is fictional, I placed Garcia in the real life Torrence County which, like the fictional county, is small and rural)

State Rep. Sheldon Karp


State Sen. Tom Owens

Mayor Jeff Bench

Former Atty Gen. Edward Walker

Businessman Neal Handy

State Rep. Karen Chapman


Prof. Everette Hardin

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