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Florida Senate 2010

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Download it here: http://www.roadtopower.org/FloridaSenateTPS.zip

But as I'm hosting it on my own website space, please be kind to my bandwith - this is a beta version available for testing, so if you are only mildly interested, please wait until I finish with it.

The map is borrowed from someone who's doing the Florida Governor 2010 scenario:



Mike Adams (D-Alachua County), author

Adam Jones (D-Broward), Attorney General

George Ryan (D-St.Pete), State Senator

Christina Apples (D-Jacksonville), peace activist

Robert Sanchez (R-Miami), Congressman

Jay Trelane (R-Orlando), Congressman

John Peyton (R-Jacksonville), Trust Fund baby

Max Linn (Reform-St.Pete), perennial candidate

I also left in Allen Boyd and Buddy Dyer, but will probably take them out in the final version. I'm open to suggestions on third party candidates.


This scenario is based on "The Proxy Senator", a novel I self-published back in 2006. The novel's protagonist is author Mike Adams. Most of the characters in both parties are from the book, as are a couple of the endorsers. I've modified the issues somewhat, to add more Florida-specific topics like Cuba, Israel, NASA, and Hurricanes, as well as book-specific ones like Unions (I mixed in min.wage due to lack of room for it) and Ethics Reform. I'm still flushing out the endorser list, and will add scripted events from the book as well as crusaders for each of the main candidates to the scenario later.

This is for President Forever + Primaries, so the usual caveats about realism apply.

I am releasing it as a beta version because right now I'm finding it hellishly easy to win the DNC primary no matter which of the 3 main candidates I play, so I need to figure out what needs to be fixed to keep someone from running away with all of the momentum. I'd love to have other advice as well.

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Any feedback?

I like the characters. I played as Adam Jones, and won the game quite handily, though I noticed Linn got a few counties' EV's, probably due to his advertising funds compared to everyone else. What's the backstory to Jones' low integrity, though? I'd like to know. As an author myself (though unfortunately, unpublished), I'm interested in such things. I like the issues, but I thought you'd said you'd be using Media Markets. I don't recall seeing anyone use them in P4E+P, not even for state-level elections, even though PM4E and C4E designers use their equivalent, Media-Linked Regions, quite routinely. So far, so good, though.

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1) Adam Jones is seen as overly tied to labor unions, and once used taxpayer funds to finance a "Florida justice tour" that was really promoting his Senate candidacy. So shady but typical politician. I needed low integrity to balance other things like higher charisma.

2) I'll need to look into Linn - third parties shouldn't be able to gain county ev's in this scenario.

3) I do want to use Media Markets, but I never got anyone to answer whether I could use them for one type of ad and not use them for others. Like I believe in C4E you can create national ads or media-linked regional ads, or the basic regional ads - that's basically the option I'd like to use, but it's not clear that I can do that.

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