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Santos 2009

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Movement for Freedom and Democracy (MFD)-social democratic party, pro-monarchy

People's National Alliance (PNA) -progressive conservative party, anti-monarchy

United Progressive Congress (UPC)- green party, divided on the monarchy

Front For Independence (FPI)- liberal party, pro-monarchy, popular among Hispanics

Samanian Sovereignty Party (SSP)- separatist party, anti-monarchy, popular among Asians

United Left - anarcho-socialist party, anti-monarchy, protest party among far-left


Alexandria Relations




Drug War

Economic Development




Military Reform


Moral Issues

National Unity


Provinical Powers

Racial Tensions

Social Security



Mixed Race 38%

Black 33%

White 17%

Asian 12%


Catholic 42%

Protestant 38%

Hindu 12%

Muslim 5%

Other 3%


English 50%

French 33%

Spanish 15%

Others 2%


Sean Collins (MFD)

Édith Bachelot (MFD)

Raoul Simard (PNA)

Schuyler Hatcher (PNA)

Evangeline Heaton (UPC)

Matthew Arguello (FPI)

Basdeo Ramgoolam (SSP)

Graham Smith(UL)

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Its none of my business and you might be totally aware of this but traditionnally, the conservative party is the one who is pro-monarchy (they are conservative because they don't want to change the old system) while the social democratic party (left-leaning) is the one who is more anti-monarchy (pro-progress; pro-trying new things).

Also unless your "blacks" are your wealthy class in this country, they tend to vote massively on the left pretty much all over the world.

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Hey all,

I have finished most of the scenario except for the ridings. And, I really could use someone to help/do the ridings for me. If they will, they are guaranteed co-author credit and I will do what I can to pay them back.

Sorry- I just want to get started on other scenarios, without totaly abandoning this one.


GOP Progressive

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