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Alberta 2008 (Alberta Premier 4E)


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Sum1 and I will be running a record of a game of the Alberta 2008 scenario from Alberta Premier 4E with the PC and Liberals as AI players. I'll be playing the NDP, and he'll be playing the Wildrose Alliance, and we'll be struggling for Official Opposition status. The turns will be posted, along with a Screenshot ever Monday (in the game) and flavour text. To start, I, as the NDP, on Monday, February 4th, 2008, report thus:

'This election may have a chance of NDP gains given large numbers of migrant workers with no preset party loyalties, the unknown factor of Stelmach, which can be capitalized upon, and the chance to show we'll spend the surplus in ways that directly benefit Albertans. Taft and his Liberals are in high contention, but suffer from having too many policies similar to the PC's. 2008 will be our year!'

NDP leader Brian Mason's party memo.

Ads on the Environment, Oil Royalties, and Public Health Care currently begun, running in all of Edmonton and Area.

Barnstorming in Edmonton Northeast before flying to Edmnton West.


The turn is here:


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First turn of the Wildrose Alliance: Here

The Wildrose Alliance begins the 2008 campaign slowly, with leader Paul Hinman and his advisors mapping out a strategy to become a viable conservative alternative to the PCs. Hinman has focused on preparing for a series of local events out in rural Alberta to increase the party's presence in the province (spent turn on Issue Knowledge).

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