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I have a suggestion regarding how to improve footsoldiers in P4E+P. While I realize you probably won't be releasing a new version of the game for another 3 years, I think improving them would be helpful for making the game more interesting.

It would be great if instead of just generic footsoldiers there could be specializations for them, such as fundraisers, get out the vote footsoldiers, voter registration footsoldiers, etc. Also, it would be great if these could then be combined together into different levels of organization, with costs that steeply scale upward. For example, a "Level 1" organization in a state might include 1 of each type of footsoldier, while a "Level 2" organization, for example, would double the amount needed. This could help to simulate the different levels of investment needed to do well in caucuses (which would make it tougher for fringe candidates to break through in Iowa, as IRL) and would make the election day modifier of footsoldiers on your vote total more variable, which could help scenario designers in balancing scenarios. Also, it would be great if the footsoldiers did not expire, but rather had a high upkeep costs and had the ability to be relocated/dismantled (since, for example, a Democratic candidate might need organization for the NY primary, but likely not for the GE).

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