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u mean thurmond defeats dewey

While you may have known this veg.

Rick is refferencing an imfamous newspaper headline that said DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN. It was printed before the final results were in and obviously got it wrong. In an even more famous photo Truman is holding up the newspaper with a big smile.

The use here with that smilie after is a bit of historical humor since Truman KILLED Dewey in that game simulation.

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oh yes i already knew this i believe the headline was written by the chicago times

and i was commenting on the fact that dewey actually lost to thurmond in that scenario

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I like playing as Lenin; it's challenging but doable. And there's something about that Europe map, maybe it's just because I made it, but I really enjoy the way it looks... maybe I'm just really lame. anyways, thought I'd show off my highscore list. It's so hard to get on it now... even Masterful won't show up.

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I just finished a few 2008s... My first one was with Kucinich in 2008 where I beat Moore.:


Then I was Clark in Ultimate 2008 (I used the ad "cheat; without it I lost <_< ). I beat Frist quite handily: http://picturevillage.com/photo/showpicful...55769&aid=20639

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yay! finally won Red Dawn w/ Mary Landrieu - I've won the popular vote evertime, last loss beat Jeb Bust by 4+million votes, but lost electorally, beaten McCain by 3+million but lost the EV

not this time!

Chick Power:

Mary Landrieu/Hilary Clinton:

(50%) 68,823,253

287 EV

Jeb Bush/Bill Frist:

(49%) 67,649,274

251 EV

swiped Virgina and North Carolina

(can't seem to make the pix upload???)

everything on except dynamism

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