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Found 4 results

  1. so I am creating a west wing scenario and I will document results of all my playthroughs here. Here are playable candidates: Republicans Glenn Allen Walken Don Butler Arnold Vinick Mike Reed Darren Gibson Robert Ritchie (what if) Steven Allard Ray Sullivan (what if) Democrats: John Hoynes Bob Russell Matt Santos Eric Baker (what if) Howard Stackhouse Ricky Rafferty Wendell Tripplehorn (All 7 Dwarves) Not sure when my scenario will be done but if you guys want to download it I will make it downloadable.
  2. What if @RP Overlord were to use his algorithm to run a 2006 west wing scenario, and we were to play out the events of the campaign? Lets Gague interest Republicans Bob Allard (NE) conservative governor of Nebraska (Never given a first name in the series) Arnold Vinick (Dibs for me) (CA) centrist senator Glenn Allen Walken (MO) former speaker and former president for 1 week under the 25th Mike Reed (OH) moderate governor Don Butler (AL) far right preacher What if Candidates Robert Ritchie (2002 Nominee against Bartlet) moderate Governor of Florida Ainsley Hayes conservative Lawyer from(never said what state she was from) former White House Counsel from Kansas. Speaker Haftley (MI) moderately republican speaker of the house. Democrats Vice President Bob Russell (CO) moderate Congressmam Matt Santos (TX) pro-life Moderate Former VP John Hoynes (TX) Centrist known of being conservative on energy and some economic aspects Sen. Wendell Tripplehorn (MD) moderate senate Minoritu leader Sen Ricky Rafferty (AZ) she is a progressive senator from Arizona What ifs PA Governor Eric Baker (Moderate) MN Senator Howard Stackhouse (Dixiecrat like 78 year old modeled after Robert Byrd) (Ran Independent) Independent Howard Stackhouse (MN) (dixiecrat) Any interest. I want to be Arnold Vinick
  3. Going to create a president infinity west wing scenario. Who should the candidates be? I was thinking of using all the candidates from the 2008+primaries scenario, but wanted ideas on who to add. Was thinking of adding Stackhouse as a green party candidate or should he be a Democrat? What about adding Fitzwallace as a black Republican? Thought? Ideas? Suggestions?
  4. jdm06ltd

    the west wing

    I am thinking of doing a scenario of the show The West Wing. Which candidates would you guys like to see? Which ones should I create? Please comment with your suggestions. Links to candidate images are helpful too.
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