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Found 1 result

  1. Technical notes: I will be using Jonathan Kudelka's latest scenario and I will be playing as Illuminati. Despite my Illuminati powers, I won't be using them to influence the election because, plot twist! I already did from the get go by choosing the candidates It'll be interesting to see what the AI will do and which states will be heavily contested. The last time I did this it was a quick one between Trump and Clinton and Hillary lost everywhere but Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Another technical note: I will remember to save all the time and if I don't get the dreaded error message and actually make it to Election Night, I will also make an election night timeline using graphics that I will make if there's enough demand for it, though I will still post the final in-game electoral map and key results afterwards. I will disclose all technicalities before election night but I will not alter the results. Election night timeline, if requested, will be provided by The Illuminati's very own news network: FXCNNBC News. Anyway, I will start on December 31st and here are the candidates that I picked, as I was advised by the top Illuminati: GOP: Donald Trump Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Ben Carson Jeb Bush Rand Paul (Undecided) Chris Christie (Undecided) Mike Huckabee (Undecided) Carly Fiorina (Undecided) John Kasich Rick Santorum (Undecided) Democratic: Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Martin O'Malley Al Gore (Undecided) Joe Biden (Undecided) Michelle Obama (Undecided) Libertarian: Gary Johnson Austin Petersen John McAfee Darryl Perry Green: Jill Stein Bill Kreml Independent: Evan McMullin (undecided) And of course, yours truly: The Illuminati. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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