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    So. I thought it would be a good to have an RP where we simulate a presidential administration. I will play out a 2016 scenario as the Republican candidates on my game and tell you guys the result. We will need help with the RP: I need 5 Senators (be creative on names or pick real ones) 5 congressmen (be creative on names or pick real ones) 5 cabinet members (will pick when I am elected) (You will play this characters they will be real political characters) Also must have a senate and House Minority Leader Somone to play Vice President A Chief of Staff A WH Press secaratary Senate Majority Leader Speaker of the House We will also have a spot open for a reporter. @The DM would be the RPs game master and use his algorythums to determine how popular of a President I am and how popular my administration is....how votes in the house and senate go....etc @Reagan04 @Patine @CalebsParadox Tag anyone else you think may be interested. I should have election results by End of day tomorrow.