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Found 1 result

  1. vcczar

    Presidential Ranker Excel

    I've completed the MS Excel form of a Presidential Ranker, so that you can create your own ranking of the US Presidents. This is a much, much simplified version of a project I began five years ago (It was to be a much more complex ranking system app). However, this ranker will do just about as well, even though it isn't event-by-event, decision-by-decision specific. I hope @admin_270 could make some use for it, or can find someone to help make it part of a website or app, rather than just an excel spreadsheet (My programming/development skills are mostly non-existent, outside MS Excel and the 270Soft Editor). Instructions: 1. Download the Excel document. 2. Open the excel document. 3. You should see all of the presidents already ranked, according to experts opinions. These are not my opinions, but they come from three different, recent presidential polls. I had to fill in some gaps with Trump, but I based them off the one ranking that has Trump in in it. 4. You should see columns of many different colors. These are the different categories. 5. Each category has three columns: The Rank, the Influence, the Score. For Rank (left column of each color), you should plug in the following numbers to represent presidential ability (Ignore the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ranking mentioned in the excel): 5 for Great 2 for Good 0 for Average -2 for Bad -5 for Terrible Alternatively, you can use any numbers to represent these terms, according to your preference. I strongly advise using negative numbers for "Bad" and "Terrible." You can also change the influence (middle column of each color) of that category to one of the following: 4 for Critically Important 3 for Very Important 2 for Somewhat Important 1 for Minor Importance 0 for Not Important/I don't know Alternatively, you can use any numbers to represent the category influence, according to your preference. Note: Influence of any category can also change by president. I alter some of the importance based off the era or the crisis. Lastly, you have the Score for each category (right column of each color). DO NOT ALTER THIS COLUMN, since it is the calculation of your rank times the influence. 6. A president's overall score is the calculation of all their categories scores added together. 7. You can sort each column, including those with the president's number, name, or overall score. 8. Have fun and please post your ranking. I'm curious how yours turns out. If you wish to keep the default ranking for future use, then make sure you save your results under a different file name. PresidentialRank.xlsx