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  1. United Kingdom - 2005 (Infinity version)

    United Kingdom - 2005 Coming soon to PMI! Hello hello, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that after having a word with the good people at 270soft, I will be able to work on new scenarios from PMF 2010 including the 2005 election and others. For those of you who know my work porting 2010 to PMI, I now will be porting other scenarios as well, starting with the 2005 and 1992 base scenarios. I hope I'll be able to eventually do custom scenarios too, but for now I'm focusing on PMF's base scenarios. While the 2010 isn't technically finished with population numbers still at 2015 (I've also considered adding events), I'm going to take the time to change the electorate when changing constituencies in this scenario. What's Done: What's not Done: -Historical Leaders -2005 Constituencies -Some Alternate Leaders added -South West Northern Ireland Percentages/Candidates -North East Northern Ireland Percentages/Candidates -North East Scotland Percentages/Candidates -South West Scotland Percentages/Candidates -North England Percentages/Candidates -Liverpool and Lancashire Percentages/Candidates -Greater Manchester Percentages/Candidates -North West Yorkshire Percentages/Candidates -South East Yorkshire Percentages/Candidates -Wales Percentages/Candidates -North West Midlands Percentages/Candidates -Birmingham and Coventry Percentages/Candidates -West of England Percentages/Candidates -North East Midlands Percentages/Candidates -East of England Percentages/Candidates -Central England Percentages/Candidates -Home Counties North Percentages/Candidates -Home Country South Percentages/Candidates -West Country Percentages/Candidates -Outer London Percentages/Candidates -Center London Percentages/Candidates -South East Percentages/Candidates -Accurate constituencies populations