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Found 53 results

  1. I'll post the updates/improvements to all US presidential election scenarios here The Historical Scenario Commission consists of @jvikings1 @CalebsParadox @Patine @Reagan04 @TheMiddlePolitical @SeanFKennedy @Conservative Elector 2 @Take Me to La Riva @vcczar @NYrepublican @MrPrez @msc123123, all of whom will help in improving historical presidential election at their leisure. We will go in chronological order. [Anyone wishing to join the HSC can do so by posting here, and can help by playing through the scenarios to find areas for improvement, providing advice for improvements, and for suggesting events, finding typos or other errors. Suggestions for historical newspapers (for interviews), events, surrogates, fixing inflationary index, etc. can also be helpful. ] Updates will be edited in the list below as they are made. ~~~~Updates to the scenarios will generally include the advise/help below ~~~~ Issue images set by NYRepublican Flags set by Patine Issue description typos fixed by CalebsParadox Endorsers slightly adjusted by VCCzar Simulation party and candidate made by VCCzar Delegates set by VCCzar Relations set by VCCzar Events added by VCCzar Region issues set by VCCzar Money coefficient set by Patine Interviewers made by VCCzar Tammany Hall support set by CalebsParadox Adjusted ballot access by VCCzar
  2. vcczar

    US Election 1836 Update

    Update: Here are the expected candidates for 1836. This election, like 1824, does not have a primary election. Democrats: Martin Van Buren Andrew Jackson Lewis Cass James Buchanan William L. Marcy Richard M. Johnson Levi Woodbury James K. Polk Andrew Jackson Donelson Thomas Hart Benton William Rufus King Western Whigs: William Henry Harrison John McLean John J. Crittenden John Bell Northern Whigs: Daniel Webster Harrison Gray Otis Millard Fillmore William H. Seward Southern Whigs: Hugh L. White John M. Clayton John Tyler Nullify Whigs: Willie P. Mangum John C. Calhoun John Floyd National Whigs (What-if) Henry Clay John Quincy Adams Winfield Scott
  3. The Historical Scenario Commission has finished the final update for 1816. Currently, 1788-1816 are complete. Here is the link to the updated 1816 election: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/02/08/president-infinity-1816-election/
  4. The Historical Scenario Commission has now concluded the 1812 update. It can be downloaded here: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/02/01/president-infinity-1812-election/ 1788-1812 are now available. I will have 1816 up in about a week, most likely.
  5. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1812

    I've started working on 1812 Update: Added What-if Alexander Hamilton, what-if Aaron Burr, and what-if John Adams. Edited candidate political influence points and starting money
  6. The final update for the 1808 election is now up! It can be downloaded at this link, which has also had the text and images updated: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/01/06/president-infinity-1808-election/ The Historical Scenario Commission has now finished final updates for 1788-1808.
  7. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1808

    I've already started updating this scenario. @Patine @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero @Lyly @thr33 @Wiw @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @Presidentinsertname @CalebsParadox @Sandy @lok1999 @LokiLoki22 @SirLagsalott @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @pilight @jnewt @LegolasRedbard @avatarmushi @victorraiders @Bruce Fischer @vcczar @michaelsdiamonds @European Qoheleth (SANC) @MysteryKnight @TheMiddlePolitical @quakercane
  8. Ok, I had more time today than I thought. The 1804 Election is now up! In total, we have final updates from 1788-1804 now. Here is the link with new images and new text: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/12/31/president-infinity-1804-election/ 1808 should be up in less than a week.
  9. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1804

    While I wait for a map for 1800, I'll start on 1804
  10. The updated 1800 US Election is now up! I have also updated the campaign page with new images and information: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/12/27/president-infinity-1800-election/ Final updates have now been done for 1788-1800. 1804 is nearly done, as well.
  11. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1800

    @Patine @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero @Lyly @thr33 @Wiw @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @Presidentinsertname @CalebsParadox @Sandy @lok1999 @LokiLoki22 @SirLagsalott @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @pilight @jnewt @LegolasRedbard @avatarmushi @victorraiders @Bruce Fischer @vcczar @michaelsdiamonds @European Qoheleth (SANC) @MysteryKnight @TheMiddlePolitical @quakercane
  12. The Historical Scenario Commission has released the final update for 1796. The first three elections are now available. Here is the link to 1796, with new text and images: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/12/15/president-infinity-1796-election/
  13. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1796

    As I wait for feedback for 1788 and 1792, I've decided to start on 1796, the first contested election.
  14. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1792

    I've begun the Final Update for 1792, while we wait for playthrough results for 1788.
  15. The Historical Scenario Commission has released the Final Update of 1792. An updated campaign page with new text and new images are available on the download page here: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/12/12/president-infinity-1792-election/ More events! More endorsers! More improvements! The final updates for 1788 and 1792 have now been concluded! Enjoy! Note: This update is final, unless @admin_270 releases favorability or some other crucial aspect to the game, which would require an update.
  16. The Historical Scenario Commission has released the Final Update of 1788. An updated campaign page with new text and new images is available on the download page here: http://campaigns.270soft.com/2017/12/11/president-infinity-1788-election/ More events! More endorsers! More improvements! Note: This update is final, unless @admin_270 releases favorability or some other crucial aspect to the game, which would require an update.
  17. vcczar

    Final Update: US 1788

    I've decided to start the "Final" Updates early, since these first scenarios are mostly complete. Please post feedback, desires, etc., regarding the first presidential election.
  18. The Historical Scenario Commission updates for 1992-2020 are now completed! The HSC has updated 1788-2020; thus, all of our elections are now playable with many what-if options, events, endorsers, etc. This concludes this round of updates. *Note: There will be one last "Final" update, which will likely take up all of 2018 to finish. This final update will go over every minute detail of these scenarios, perfecting and improving them. Your feedback will help towards this update. I hope some of you will volunteer. Only fully committed, determined forum users apply.
  19. The Historical Scenario Commission has now updated 1984 and 1988, which are both available for download on the campaign page of the website. We now have 200 years of presidential elections that have been updated by the HSC--1788 to 1988. I will aim to get 1992 and 1996 out in a week, but this may take longer since 1996 will require a lot more updating than usual. *Note: There will be one more "Final" update for all historical scenarios, 1788-2020, after this round of updates. I am aiming to be done with the current round of updates by the end of December. The "Final" update will then begin January 2018, and will probably take an entire year to finish every election, since I will basically be completing all of these historical scenarios with your feedback.
  20. The Historical Scenario Commission has uploaded improved versions of the 1976 and 1980 scenarios on the campaign download page. @admin_270 needs to allow for a 1980 election on the PI section of download page when he has the time, so the scenario is findable. In total, 1788-1980 historical scenarios are now available for download. *Note: US Senators are missing from the 1976 scenario, and they will be added in the "final" update. All historical scenarios will go through a "final" update after this round of updates.
  21. The 1968 and 1972 elections have been updated by the HSC. As these are based off existing scenarios, I have posted them as (VCCzar versions) of these scenarios. We now have updated scenarios from 1788-1972. @admin_270 will need to add "1968" and "1972" to the table of content thing on the campaign page so they are findable, since those years have not been added for President Infinity. *Note: All scenarios, including these, will receive one "last" grand update after I get through every election to the present.
  22. The Historical Scenario Commission has greatly updated the 1960 and 1964 elections. As of now, 1788-1964 are available for download on the campaign pages. 1968 (VCCzar version) and 1972 will be up soon. I plan to go to 2020. *Note: There will be one "last" Grand Update for all elections after this run of updates.
  23. The 1952 and 1956 scenarios have been updated by the Historical Scenario Commission. 1788-1956 are now available. Note: There will be one last Grand Update for every historical scenario after this run of updates. Scenarios 1960 and 1964 will be updated next. I plan to go up to the 2016 (or possibly my 2020 scenario). After that I will return to 1788 for a "final" update.
  24. The Historical Scenario Commission has update 1936-1948. In all, 1788 through 1948 has now been updated. There are two 1940 scenarios in the campaign download section. The updated scenario is by VCCzar. *Note: There will be one "final" grand update done to all historical scenarios, probably sometime in December, to make final improvements, fixes, additions, etc.
  25. The Historical Scenario Commission has now updated the 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928, and 1932 elections. In total, 1788-1932 have now been updated. I will definitely update elections through 1964, and will help anyone willing to make elections after 1964, so that we can have a complete history of our presidential elections available with as much accuracy as possible. *Note: I will be doing one more update around December-January before the scenarios are "final"