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Found 10 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can find the "I" picture used for Evan McMullin in the 2016 scenario?
  2. I keep getting an error message stating the above every time I try to access the endorsements page. Rather irritating as it's preventing me from obtaining said endorsements. Other pages work fine, but the endorsement page has been sporadically doing this for me since I bought the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi. Just did a campaign today with a custom Progressive Party. I wanna carry over the percentages I was voted for in each state to the next election cycle but am unsure on how to do so. So, some help on how to do that would be useful. Thank you! Few general notes, Campaign will be starting from the primaries. I am running unopposed in said primaries, and that;s about it!
  4. Guest

    Help with my campaign?

    I need help for my campaign because it crashes on startup and I have no idea why. I'm trying to do my country, I haven't followed a tutorial so maybe I'm doing it wrong, I'm sending what I have right now so someone can check it out. It's based on Chile in 1989 just after Pinochet. Not done yet, missing candidates and descriptions, but when I try to test the mod it crashes. Chile - 1989.7z
  5. I have downloaded presidential infinity on only 2 devices, the one i got it gifted on and the that is my main computer. I tried to download today, but it says the account has reached the limit of three downloads. Help?
  6. Anthony has told me what to do, I just don't know how to carry that out. Would there be anyone out there willing to help me? This is what Anthony has told me to do on the Email. First, backup up campaign. Then, copy a scenario.xml file from an official campaign, such as 2016 to your campaign folder, overwriting the existing one. Open the newly copied scenario.xml file in an XML editor. The only thing you'll have to be careful of is the debates section, which contains party names and possibly candidate names. You're going to want to make sure those match parties or candidates in your campaign. Once you've done that, save the scenario.xml file. Then, open up the campaign in the President Infinity Editor, and modify the name, start date, and so on. I will email anyone the campaign if you're interested.
  7. Hey everyone, Just found and bought the game today, I've been wondering why there hasn't been anything more serious than Pol Machine! Really enjoying it so far, except for the fact I can't win any seats! TL:DR: I don't win seats despite all the advantages, please help! Playing as Rubio in a slightly modified version of the 2016 Improved scenario. I've tried 3 times to change the outcome of the primaries, and each time it goes about the same. (Even after I cheated to make Rubio into a godlike candidate!) 1. Win all or most of the debates, become the national frontrunner in process. 2. Gain initial momentum in the first 4, but can't hang on to it despite any efforts. 3. Gain essentially all the big endorsements, but seem to have little effect. 4. Built up the infrastructure with HQs and footsoldiers. 5. Past 2 tries I've handily out financed everyone else, but the ad storms seem to merely blunt it the inevitable. 6. As each primary rolls around, my momentum is in the toilet by usually double digits and my poll % is around .5-2%. 7. Even started doing spies, although not sure they've changed much. I've gotten endorsements, tons of ads, won debates, held tons of rallies, had positive and negative themes, positive and negative ads/debates, and done policy speeches. What am I missing here? I usually pick Leadership and Issue Familiarity for me, and pick integrity for usually Bush or Cruz. I upgrade the first 4 states, and sometimes start early on Texas. I build up a warchest of ads and try to wait till at least till December to use them. I get spies, attack candidates through debates, spin major news stories both ways, use rallies and policy speeches to do positive and negative stuff. I automate the surrogates, although the first time I didn't. I always end up with nationally 14-15%, the most money raised, the most endorsements, the most debate wins, the best odds of winning, and yet I poll nothing for each state. I just watch as the AI goes to each state I have a lead in and rapidly kick me down. I've tried finding some guides/tips, but they're spread out and mostly for older versions. I'm still attempting to use them though. Can anyone here help?
  8. This game is very complicated. So many options, so little time... Is there a wiki or a help pdf file of some sort that explains all the different options?
  9. Hey all, I needed help creating a new map. I wanted to make a french campaign from the Prime Minister Infinity engine. I don't know how to do this and any help is really appreciated. Thanks, Borntoru
  10. There is virtually no manual for President Infinity. The help files are inadequate. I don't understand all the graphs and mechanics of the game. The platform of candidates is a prime example. Is there a more comprehensive help files or manual from previous versions of the game? We are not all veterans! cheers
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