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Found 1 result

  1. I thought we could conduct a forum Hall of Fame ballot for great Americans. It would follow Major League Baseball Rules for induction. Each forum member gets to vote on 10 nominees or less for the Hall of Fame of Great Americans. A nominee must earn 75% of the forum members votes or higher for induction. A nominee that earns less than 5% of the ballot will be dropped for future ballots. A nominee that gets less than 75% but more than 5% will stay on the ballot for 10 rounds of Hall of Fame ballots. I'll have a new ballot up every few days. 20 votes are required for the ballot to move forward. However, I will accept a 10 vote minimum if that is all we have after a week. If I can't get 10 votes at any time after a week, then I will disband the Hall of Fame. Nominees will enter the Hall of Fame ballot somewhat chronologically, starting with Rev War era nominees. Please select no more than 10 nominees for inclusion in the 270Soft Hall of Fame of Great Americans (you can quote the list and put your selections in bold): John AdamsSamuel AdamsJohn Dickinson Benjamin FranklinHoratio GatesNathaniel GreeneJohn HancockPatrick HenryThomas JeffersonJohn Paul JonesRichard Henry LeeRichard Montgomery Daniel MorganThomas Paine Paul RevereCaesar RodneyRoger ShermanBaron von SteubenGeorge Washington Anthony Wayne
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