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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys so I want to do a 2000 election Rp. Day by day I want to do it and use the game to determine everything. What I will do as a Mod is be the one who plugs it into the game. You guys will be the ones who do it. I will post the list of available candidates (as we are limited by the scenario). I will also post a list of endorsers and whom each candidate already has. I have officially won this scenario with every GOP Candidate once and with 7 of the democratic candidates so it is anybodys ballgame. As Energy and Stamina is different for each candidate I will post how many events each candidate gets based of that, but to add realism, you may not campaign halfway across the country and then back in the same day...so TX, PA, and CA all in the same day are out for actually doing events, you can however hold fundraisers there all in the same day as they dont last as long as events. You could do Kansas and Missouri in the same day tho.....just be realistic Each candidate will also direct me as to whether to create an ad, and what type, and you have to do fundraising. I will list candidates with starting cash and starting endorsements. For fun I added some endorsers. @Reagan04 @Patine @TheMiddlePolitical @michaelsdiamonds @CalebsParadox @TheLiberalKitten @Conservative Elector 2 @LegolasRedbard @vcczar @WVProgressive Tag anyone I left out.
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