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Found 1 result

  1. in my experience with the game, things like funding and spinning news articles dont matter much. In fact, I won the 2008 Scenario with Tom Tancredo, I spent 23 million in the primaries, had 6 million left, and took the block grant for the primaries. Wound up beating Obama to become president. here is how I did it. 1. Time is the key Remember Time is the most valuable commodity, anyone can win the '08 Scenario with MCcain or Rudi, or Romney, and you can start 3 weeks from the first primary and still be able to win. I selected the scenario that allowed me the longest time. That time I spent half of each week, Raising money, and doing barnstormings and rallies. This got me a launchpad. for Step 2. 2. Common Sense Campaigning Dont spend any money in states you cant win. For example, in the '08 Scenario, John MCCain almost always wins Arizona. I have played the '08 scenario a dozen times and no matter how hard I campaign in Arizona, MCcain usually wins. so I say, dont bother, Do it in states that are winnable, for me, that was Illinois, the Midwest, Wisconsin, and the territories, the only "big" state I won with Tancredo was Illinois. I won enough of the other states to secure the nomination at the convention floor. A nomination, is a nomination, even from a brokered convention. I used most of my money in the mid west states, and Illinois and Wisconsin. And Remember in states you cant win you can campaign for free with Barnstorms, and Rallies..... 3. Winning Endorsements. Endorsements lead to momentum. Momentum is important.. It helps generate positive polling, and the more solid polling you have the more funding you can generate from those states, or so it seems. This may not Actually be a fact, but it seems in a state where you have momentum and semi-favorable polling on your side you generate more money for funding. 4. Ads I ran newspaper ads leading up to the primaries and got TV ads a week before each one and ran them, I always kept the campaign positive, and that strategy worked. I followed the Reagan rule, thall shalt, not attack thy fellow Republican. Hope these Help.
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