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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a fun forum idea. I'm not sure how we would keep track of scoring, but maybe the fun is just in drafting political players similar to a Fantasy Draft (similar to a football, baseball fantasy draft). If you're interested in this. Check out this link for an example: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-most-powerful-political-players-of-2017-draft-extravaganza/ I think it's a great, and fun idea. Anyway, I'll list 50 political players, and then we could do a draft. I'll pick last, since I'm creating this. We will do a snake draft, which means, every other round will be done in reverse order of the previous round. This means, as the last pick, I would pick first in round 2, and the person that picks first would go last in round 2. This would alternate. In the comments below, let me know if you want to take part in this. Draft order will be based on the order that you comment below. When we have about 5 to 10 participants, we will start. Here are 50 political players that could be drafted (write-ins are accepted). Most of these are from the list made by Nate Silver and his people. The goal is to draft a team, similar to Fantasy Football, that has the most political influence for 2017. Below are prospects available to draft. Write-ins are accepted, as long as they're American political figures: Pres. Donald Trump VP Mike Pence Reince Priebus Steve Bannon Sec. Rex Tillerson Sec. Steven Mnuchin Ivanka Trump Sec. James Mattis Speaker Paul Ryan Sen. Mitch McConnell Sen. Marco Rubio Sen. John McCain Mitt Romney Gov. John Kasich Sen. Ted Cruz Sen. Rand Paul Sec. Ben Carson Sen. Lindsey Graham Sen. Ben Sasse Ronna Romney McDaniel Fmr Pres. Barack Obama (still President for 20 days in 2017) Hillary Clinton Fmr VP Joe Biden (still VP for 20 days in 2017) Sen. Bernie Sanders Sen. Elizabeth Warren Sen. Cory Booker Sen. Sherrod Brown Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sen. Chuck Schumer Rep. Keith Ellison Chief Justice John Roberts Justice Anthony Kennedy Sen. Susan Collins Kellyanne Conway Michael Flynn James Comey Rep. Tim Ryan Tom Perez Sen. Al Franken Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Jerry Brown Mayor Bill de Blasio Evan McMullin Michael Bloomberg Sen. Heidi Heitkamp Sen. Joe Manchin Att. Gen. Jeff Sessions Janet Yellen Newt Gingrich US Amb. Nikki Haley
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