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Found 2 results

  1. Republicans Dr./Congressman Joseph Blaine A 57 year old retired 2 term congressman from the California 47th with a Doctorate in Psychology turned TV psychologist. Moderate Timothy O'Brian Radical 73 year old Prohobitionist from Mississippi is a Perennial candidate who's only political Expiriance is Mayor of the town of Tulba (fictional) from 1967-1975. Ms. Lillian Marsh Conservative activist from Kentucky. Lillian is 40. Gov. Henry Forest 49 Year Old Centrist governor of Minnesota. Sen. Fredrich Douglas 37 year old Senator from Connecticut, moderate. Democrats Sen Timothy Birdwell Radical far left socialist from Wastington State. He believes debt is a deficit helps the economy. Gov. Richard Robinson Wisconsin governor, moderately left wing. Mr. Frank Francini A political activist and 3rd Generation italian american, he is rumored to be a crime boss and is a centrist whom is fiscally conservative. Howard Chase Hippie 71 year old philanthropist from Illinois claims he will spend a Billion Dollars of his own money to win the presidency. Independent Alexander Stone Billionaire Businessman from Florida, he is too conservative to be a Republican. In favor of gay conversion therapy, he is a bible thumper that supports physiological help for women who habe had abortions and favors trying them for murder.
  2. jdm06ltd

    the west wing

    I am thinking of doing a scenario of the show The West Wing. Which candidates would you guys like to see? Which ones should I create? Please comment with your suggestions. Links to candidate images are helpful too.
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