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Found 3 results

  1. In general, is there any difference between "Off" and "On" but "Not seeking?" I see that the "by default" section indicates that these will be the settings unless overridden by "start actions" section. Does that mean that if any of the "start action" boxes are filled in that "by default" is ignored? Also , as seen in the attached screenshot, what does "Off July 30" mean, and is that different from just plain "off"? To make things simple in my custom campaigns I generally have candidates either in or out. So if I wanted a candidate to not be part of a race at all, I would have to set them all to "off" to prevent them from running in a new game?
  2. How does one create a new vice-leader for a copy of a candidate? I downloaded JohnnyK and Potato Walrus's latest 2016 campaign. I decided to put Ted Cruz into the NeverTrump party, but I can't figure out how to get Fiorina in the Vice-Leaders spot. I tried going into Republican, copying Fiorina, selecting "add as potential vice-leader", but that only created this copy within Republican, I can see no way of getting it to the NeverTrump party.
  3. KevWar

    Candidate Editor

    Hello! I'm new here, and I just wanted to start off by saying what a great concept and fun game you've put together! Thank you for that! I've been playing the demo a bit, but I have a couple questions until I fully commit to buying the product. How robust is the candidate/campaign editor? I plan to take this game on as more of a role-playing experience and would very much like to create my own candidate from the bottom up. I'd like to customize his personal and campaign stats, give him his own name and pic, assign him to either of the major parties, and truly feel like I have created my own little political monster. Thus, I'm hoping I don't have to take an existing candidate and just edit them. If so, I suppose I can deal with that so long as I get to change virtually anything I want to. Am I asking a bit much? Do underdogs stand a chance in this game? I ask this because, as Corey Booker (I love playing an underdog and will likely do the same on a Republican ticket), he starts off with basically 1% compared to Clinton's 35% or so. This is to be expected, but am I at that point just playing to see how many delegates I could wrangle in, or is it actually plausible for the Bookers and Sandovals to win? Although it'd be fun to see Clinton-Christie, Cruz-Biden sort of battles, I really would like to switch things up for the sake of variety and that "underdog" rush. Wordy way to ask the questions, I know. But these are two critical facets to me to consider before purchasing a game... especially given that I'm not a political wonk by any means. I'm quite the noob. Thanks y'all! Kevin
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