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Found 3 results

  1. In general, is there any difference between "Off" and "On" but "Not seeking?" I see that the "by default" section indicates that these will be the settings unless overridden by "start actions" section. Does that mean that if any of the "start action" boxes are filled in that "by default" is ignored? Also , as seen in the attached screenshot, what does "Off July 30" mean, and is that different from just plain "off"? To make things simple in my custom campaigns I generally have candidates either in or out. So if I wanted a candidate to not be part of a race at all, I would have to set them all to "off" to prevent them from running in a new game?
  2. Hi. Just did a campaign today with a custom Progressive Party. I wanna carry over the percentages I was voted for in each state to the next election cycle but am unsure on how to do so. So, some help on how to do that would be useful. Thank you! Few general notes, Campaign will be starting from the primaries. I am running unopposed in said primaries, and that;s about it!
  3. Recently, I've had an issue with the campaign editor. When editing regions, I'm not seeing the little bar which allows me to select what a region's stance on an issue is. It simply doesn't appear. Have I done something wrong? It isn't appearing in any campaign I try to create or edit.
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