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Found 1 result

  1. 1912 Election

    So just for fun I wanted to play as Theodore Roosevelt in the Bull Moose to see how far I could get in the general election. I set the difficulty as easy, no spies, Fog of war on, Primaries off. The only thing I changed in candidates was Replacing Woodrow Wilson with Champ Clark who was apparently the front-runner in the real 1912 election. Every time the weekly newspaper showed up it said Clark comfortably lead in the polls, until 40 days left into the election He started going down and once I saw New York with its 45 Delegates became a battle ground I knew I had a chance. In the end I won in a large Margin in the Electoral College and even won in the popular vote. I think In the future I'm gonna come back to this and do it again as Roosevelt again and run against Woodrow Wilson on a harder difficulty to see if I can beat him.