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Found 2 results

  1. @admin_270 So unfortunately I've encountered a bug where virtually none of my saves are working. If I try to load them it will either say that "Unable to read from specified game file", or the game will crash to desktop. Now I say virtually none as this seems to only be happening with user scenarios, I have never had this problem with the official scenarios, and it isn't obvious what is causing the problem; this happens even if I've saved at the beginning of the scenario before anything has happened, and if I've merely copied an official scenario and made no changes. That being said, I do have the game installed in the D:/ drive as that is where most of my computers memory is, so I don't know if this might be a pathing issue. I've attached a couple of the aforementioned saves below just in case there is something in there. autosave.sav Bloomberg Wave.sav
  2. I was using the latest preview build, playing the 1924 scenario. It was going fine until randomly I would click on a state and it would say something like ConstituencyForm is already open (I forget the exact wording). I'd get that message with every state I'd click on. Then the tooltips when I hovered over things would stay there forever after I hovered over something. When I clicked on strategy, I was relieved it appeared to be working. I closed it, then when I tried to re-open it I got the same message but it said StrategicForm instead. I decided to end the turn hoping it would clear all the tooltips off the screen. But that was a nightmare itself, boxes I opened never closed and it was almost impossible to tell my surrogates to flip that power-9 scandal around because the tooltips blocked me from clicking on them. When I ended the turn the screen was still complete hell and full of tooltips so I saved the game and quit. When I came back twenty minutes later I get a message saying "Access violation at address 004D7389 in module 'PI.exe'. Read of address 00000008." The savegame has been attached. 1924.sav
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