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Found 1 result

  1. Prologue: Tim Harper -- The Story of the 47th President of the United States Timothy S. Harper, The 47th President of the United States, taking questions from reporters in San Clemente, California. Timothy S. Harper never expected to be elected President -- or, for that matter, to be elected to anything. He was born in Anderson, South Carolina to a loving family that was comfortable and fiercely non-political. He was a businessman by trade, specializing in emerging technologies. Graduating from the University of South Carolina for his undergraduate degree, later pursuing a MBA at Washington University in St. Louis, Harper had prepared for a life in business. But little did he know that the negotiating skills, business acumen and communicative ability that he had worked on so tirelessly in preparation for a career in finance and marketing would put him at a natural advantage for his true calling: politics. Right out of graduate school, Harper returned back to South Carolina where he got involved in a tech start-up headquartered in Charleston. After 4 years of strong, rapid growth, Harper sold his share of the business -- almost perfectly coinciding with the height of the Dotcom bubble. Leaving the firm with a sum large enough to ensure a comfortable life without much financial stress, Harper settled in a suburb where he found a partner in a schoolteacher and together raised a young girl. Tim Harper was living the American Dream at the age of 25. He had no more expectations -- and he was okay with that. He could spend all the time in the world with his daughter and pursue his passion for golf, a second love that he found out he had during a corporate outing in the early 2000s. But as his daughter turned ten and as he saw his USGA handicap drop to nearly scratch, Harper found himself with a lot of free time. So when Timothy S. Harper first ran for office in 2012, it came as a shock to his family -- a family who had taught their son not to talk about religion or politics at the dinner table. A life in politics was a hobby turned trade, not a career. At least that's what Harper's upbringing had taught him. As such, he had barely expected to win his primary. But it would be a mistake to say he was never interested in politics. Indeed, perhaps this announcement was not as big a shock as one might have thought. Harper had been fascinated by his political science classes at USC, even more so than his business classes. He had been a lifelong Republican at heart, even though he had registered as an independent. And when he read the news, he would always read the political section the most intently. So he was smart enough to know that he probably wasn't going to win, but he didn't expect to. His limited political science career in academia taught him as much. He was going to run in his home congressional district, South Carolina's first. Held by Tim Scott -- a rising Republican star with national ambitions -- the seat was expected to be Scott's for as long as he wanted it. And truthfully, Harper liked Scott. Harper was impressed by Scott's charisma and seemingly genuine appreciation for community, leading him to vote for Scott in 2010. So why run against him just two years later in a primary that political pundits had no idea was even being held? Tim Harper hated fighting for fighting's sake. Coming from a deeply religious, almost pacifist upbringing, Harper watched with incredible trepidation the increasingly polarized landscape in the United States. He disliked the Tea Party movement, seeing it as a provocative movement created just to stall, stall, and stall. He thought that providing some primary challenge to Scott, maybe even getting to debate him, would provide a platform for moderate conservatism that could offer some clarity to Scott's legislative agenda. Ironically, Harper thought the best way to provide clarity and a collaborative form of ideological unity in the face of party politics would be to first split his party in a divisive primary. Although to be fair, Harper never thought he would even have the chance to make it divisive. So, shortly after telling his family, he filed electronically with the FEC and, as he promised to his wife, put in an agreed upon "insignificant" amount of money to his new fledgling campaign headquartered in his garage. This is the story of how Tim Harper would end up becoming the 47th President of the United States of America. This is obviously my very first play-by-play, any feedback would be appreciated. This is a semi-fictional history with a fictional candidate (obviously) placed in real world settings. Where I can, I will try to credit the creators of the scenarios that I use for this play-by-play. My next post will include photos and pictures of the campaign using the President Infinity interface. For reference, the picture of the candidate is Premier Brian Gallant of New Brunswick. I plan on taking this from the year 2012 to the year 2028, hopefully continuing this if this is successful.
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