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Found 2 results

  1. ScottM

    Compliments and Questions

    I'll start with the compliments. Just to see how it would play out, I space barred through a game with Katter, and I thought the game did a great job of simulating the election. Once the PUP and independents are added, I think this is going to be a very good simulation of the election. Also, this engine seems to handle preferences far better than the previous engine did. On the old engine, there seemed to be "leftover" votes that didn't go all the way through the preferences, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. Now for the questions: First, while as I noted, the preferences work a lot better on this engine, I noticed something peculiar. In Kennedy and Denison, the top 2 parties had combined vote totals that equalled the total number of votes, and their percentages added up to 100%, but there was still a third party listed. For example, in Kennedy, there were 86 thousand some odd votes, and the KAP and Liberal vote totals added up to that number. The KAP had 59.5% and the Liberals had 49.5%, and yet Labor was still listed with 2,000 some votes and 3.2%, so that seemed odd. Is that something that is still being worked on? Next question: Some of the issues in the game don't seem appropriate for the 2013 campaign, or even the 2010 campaign in some instances. An example would be that WorkChoices is an issue even though it was repealed in 2007 and the Coalition basically admitted that it overreached, and would thus not be something they would bring back. Are new issues still to come? Overall, I think this is an outstanding effort by your team and a great game. It's a big improvement on the previous version, and questions aside, I don't really have any complaints. Keep up the good work!
  2. Hi, I've just downloaded the latest PM4E Australia 2013 program and am in the process of creating a new scenario through the campaign editor and editing XML files. With two parties i have no problems but when I add more, I am unable to view the Two-Party Preference Votes. It is very strange as there are more than two parties in the standard 2013 scenario in Australia. As well as this I have made sure that the 'preference_voting.XML' is exactly like the Australia 2013 file. Everytime I click on the Preference vote button the software gives me this message. Access violation at address 005A1A3E in module 'pm4e-aus-2013.exe'. Read of address 00000010 Maybe it is just a bug as the Aussie game is quite new? Any ideas?