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Found 2 results

  1. I'm back from self-exile just to post this update, and then I'm off again. I've added Bloomberg to the Democrats. I'll add more updates as candidates declare or undeclare, etc. This update can only be downloaded here and not on the campaign download page. I'll place an update there after favorability comes out. Here is the link to the updated 2020 scenario: United States - 2020-BloombergAdded.zip
  2. vcczar

    Our 2020 Scenario Events

    We had 15 voters vote on events, and this is the results. Only events with 9 or more votes will be included; although, not voting for certain events will also lead to events, based on those events not occurring. These will be the events for this update of the 2020 scenario: Things will escalate with North Korea US involvement in the War on Terror will increase US leaves NAFTA Paris Climate Treaty goes into effect without US involvement US loses a step in global primacy to Russia and/or China Economy stagnates, but it does not go into a recession or depression, and unemployment stays about the same Racial tension/violence greatly increases More states legalize MJ Keystone or Dakota Pipeline disaster occurs Increase in Gun Violence More cities increase minimum wage Trump faces impeachment if Democrats narrowly controls house and senate Trump fires/accepts resignation of many members of his administration More people close to Trump are indicted Russian probe continues Sexual misconduct hits Trump, but not Biden (although, it's close enough that Trump will try to deflect it towards him) Warmest Winter on Record Important events that are not happening, which could lead to events themselves based on them not occurring: Pence does not resign as VP Russians do not hack/interfere in the 2020 election Mueller is not fired Clinton is not indicted Campaign Finance Reform does not come even close to happening Occupy Wall Street-style protests do not spring up everywhere Obamacare is not repealed or replaced Trump does not remove student loan forgiveness protections Economy does not improve, or get worse. Trump's protectionist trade policies do not backfire Relations do not sour with Europe Trump does not build the Wall Relations with Russia do not get bad The EU does not fragment further US does not destroy ISIS US does not get more involved with Africa We do not go to war or near war with Iran We do not go into a trade war with China