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Found 3 results

  1. I have done several playthroughs so far, and have encountered a few things that irk me: They're either too broad like my two other 1788-2020 playthroughs (my fault for not fleshing them out entirely) or they're too confined to one time period or feature a (usually tyrannical) main candidate (my Hillary playthrough). NO LONGER! My goal with this playthrough is to go into a bit more detail (though I'm not writing a book, mind you) and flesh this one out a lot. I'll be doing not just elections and brief overviews of their victor's terms, but cabinets, Congressional results (though not individual races because that would be an absurd level of detail), and actual timelines of Presidential terms with major legislative accomplishments, etc. I also had a tendency to omit or at least diminish people I don't like (Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, etc.) and blow up the importance of those I do like (John Quincy Adams, the Kennedys, Jimmy Carter, etc.). I will try not to do that this time around. Enjoy! P.S. I'll also do the Supreme Court when it's relevant.
  2. Bruce Fischer

    President Hamilton's America

    I'm gonna create another "every election" playthrough except Alexander Hamilton is the first President of the United States. There are also some other things further down the line I didn't get to do in my "rewriting American history" playthrough so hopefully this'll let me do them. List of Presidents of the United States and their Vice Presidents: black = Federalist, green = Democratic-Republican, dark red = National Republican, blue = Democrat, yellow = Whig, red = Republican (GOP), purple = Liberal Republican Alexander Hamilton/John Adams (1789-1805) Adams replaced with Aaron Burr in the election of 1800 Aaron Burr/Thomas Jefferson (1805-1809) Alexander Hamilton/John Adams (1809-October 4th, 1810)a John Adams/[vacant office] (October 4th, 1810-1813) James Monroe/James Madison (1813-1825) Andrew Jackson/John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) William Henry Harrison/Richard Rush (1829-1833) Martin Van Buren/William Wilkins (1833-1837) John Quincy Adams/Francis Granger (1837-1845) Granger replaced with John Tyler in the election of 1840 Henry Clay/Theodore Frelinghuysen (1845-1849) James K. Polk/James Buchanan (1849-1853) James Buchanan/Franklin Pierce (1853-1861) Abraham Lincoln/Benjamin Wade (1861-1869) Benjamin Wade/James G. Blaine (1869-May 6th, 1871)a James G. Blaine/[vacant] (May 6th, 1871-1873) Benjamin Gratz Brown/Frederick Douglass (1873-1877) Horace Greeley was elected in 1872, but died before taking office; Vice-President-elect Brown became President-elect Samuel Tilden/Winfield Scott Hancock (1877-1881) James A. Garfield/Rutherford B. Hayes (1881-August 22nd, 1883)a Rutherford B. Hayes/[vacant] (August 22nd, 1883-1889) vacancy filled by Benjamin Harrison in the election of 1884 Grover Cleveland/John Quincy Adams II (1889-1897) Adams II replaced with Adlai Stevenson I in the election of 1892 William Jennings Bryan/Arthur Sewall (1897-1901) William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt (March 4th, 1901-March 14th, 1901)a Theodore Roosevelt/Robert M. La Follette, Jr. (March 14th, 1901-1909) La Follette confirmed on March 17th, 1901 Robert M. La Follette, Jr./Charles Evans Hughes (1909-1913) Woodrow Wilson/Thomas R. Marshall (1913-1917) T. Coleman du Pont/Henry Ford (1917-January 18th, 1918)a Henry Ford/Herbert Hoover (January 18th, 1918-October 24th, 1923)r Hoover confirmed on January 27th Herbert Hoover/[vacant] (October 24th, 1923-1933) vacancy filled by Calvin Coolidge in the election of 1924 Franklin D. Roosevelt/John Nance Garner (1933-1941) Cordell Hull/Millard Tydings (1941-1949) Tydings replaced with Henry Wallace in the election of 1944 Thomas E. Dewey/Earl Warren (1949-1953) Hubert H. Humphrey/John F. Kennedy (1953-1957) Richard M. Nixon/Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (1957-1961) John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson (1961-November 22nd, 1966)d Johnson replaced with Robert F. Kennedy in the election of 1964 Robert F. Kennedy/Edward M. Kennedy (November 22nd, 1966-June 6th, 1968)a Edward Kennedy confirmed on November 25th Edward M. Kennedy/[vacant] (June 6th, 1968-January 20th, 1969) George Romney/Ronald Reagan (1969-1977) Ronald Reagan/Bob Dole (1977-1985) Bob Dole/Elizabeth Dole (1985-1989) Joe Biden/Al Gore (1989-1997) Al Gore/Mario Cuomo (1997-2001) Elizabeth Dole/Donald Trump (2001-2005) John Edwards/Hillary Clinton (2005-January 25th, 2010)r Hillary Clinton/Mark Warner (January 25th, 2010-January 20th, 2013) Warner confirmed on January 27th Donald Trump/Kelly Ayotte (2013-2017) Barack Obama/Elizabeth Warren (2017-2025) a: Assassinated r: Resigned d: Died in office
  3. Bruce Fischer

    Rewriting American History

    I'm going to play through all 59 presidential elections (including 2020) and see what happens. In each election, I'll choose my favorite candidate and to play them. I will also make sure the candidates make sense and that the "story" is coherent and based on previous elections. Basically, I want this to be one big alternate history. Let's see what happens... Also this'll take a while, so to cut down on time it won't be as in-depth as the other scenarios I play through (e.g. the Empress Hillary Clinton scenario) List of Presidents and their Vice Presidents: (black = nonpartisan/independent, orange = Federalist, green = Democratic-Republican, blue = Democratic, pink = Whig, red = Republican, Purple = Reform) George Washington/John Adams (1789-1797) John Adams/Thomas Jefferson (Jefferson replaced by C.C. Pinckney in 1801) (1797-1805) Thomas Jefferson/George Clinton (1805-1813) DeWitt Clinton/Jared Ingersoll (1813-1817) James Monroe/Daniel Tompkins (1817-1825) John Quincy Adams/Erastus Root (Root replaced by Sec. Richard Rush in 1829) (1825-1833) Martin Van Buren/William Wilkins (1833-1837) John Quincy Adams/Francis Granger (Granger replaced by John Tyler in 1841, Tyler replaced by Theodore Frelinghuysen in 1845) (1837-February 23, 1848) Theodore Frelinghuysen/[Office of the Vice Presidency vacant] (March 1, 1848-1849) Zachary Taylor/Millard Fillmore (1849-July 9, 1850) Millard Fillmore/Winfield Scott (July 9, 1850-1853) Abraham Lincoln/William A. Graham (Graham replaced by William L. Dayton in 1857) (1853-1861) [Whig in 1852, Republican in 1856] Benjamin Wade/William Seward (1861-1869) William Seward/James G. Blaine (1869-October 10, 1872) James G. Blaine/[vacant, filled in 1872 by Rutherford B. Hayes] (October 10, 1872-1881) Frederick Douglass/Robert Todd Lincoln (1881-1889) John Quincy Adams II/Grover Cleveland (1889-1893) Grover Cleveland/Adlai Stevenson (Stevenson replaced by William Jennings Bryan in 1897) (1893-1901) Theodore Roosevelt/Robert M. La Follette Sr. (1901-1909) William Randolph Hearst/William Jennings Bryan (1909-1917) Henry Ford/Charles E. Hughes (Hughes replaced by Herbert Hoover in 1921) (1917-1925) Herbert Hoover/Calvin Coolidge (1925-1933) Franklin Delano Roosevelt/John Nance Garner (1933-1941) Thomas Dewey/Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (1941-1949) Henry Wallace/Cordell Hull (1949-1953) Eleanor Roosevelt/Frank Sinatra (1953-1961) Nelson Rockefeller/George Romney (1961-1969) Robert F. Kennedy/Edward M. Kennedy (1969-November 17, 1971) Edward M. Kennedy/[vacant, filled in 1972 by Shirley Chisholm] (November 17, 1971-1977) Jimmy Carter/John Glenn (1977-1981) George H. W. Bush/Jack Kemp (1981-1989) Jimmy Carter/Hillary Rodham (1989-1993) Hillary Rodham/Al Gore (1993-1997) Ross Perot/James Stockdale (Stockdale replaced with Barbara Mikulski by the Senate in 2001) (1997-2005) George W. Bush/Bill Frist (2005-2009) Barack Obama/Mark Warner (2009-2017) Mark Warner/Julian Castro (2017-2021) Kanye West/Kim Kardashian-West (2021-January 23, 2023) Kim Kardashian/[vacant, filled in 2024 by Beyonce Knowles] (January 23, 2023-2033)