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Found 3 results

  1. Here is the result of my first attempt to win 538 electoral votes on Hard. Rules that I set were to use the unmodified game with no changes. No changes to who is running, set on hard. I Selected Huckabee as my candidate and the earliest starting primary date offered as the start date. I won Iowa and NH, but lost SC, NV, and all by a couple of the Super Tuesday states. I then won all the states after except for a surprise loss in Indiana by less than 1 percent. The advantage of being a republican candidate is the winner-take-all for the later primaries ended my race earlier giving me an advantage over Clinton. While Clinton won the democratic nomination easily, it took her a few weeks longer to get the needed delegates. I selected Trump as my VP choice. Somewhat of a surprise, but I liked his stamina and since I had won the GOP nomination early enough I had the time to improve Trump's very low issue knowledge and debate skill. They were at 5 within a couple months. His high stamina let him be a little more useful in his main job of going around the country insulting Clinton. Starting the election, DC was where I was furthest behind and so I filled that up with organization and foot soldiers and ads, along with a couple visits. VT and Massachusetts were also tough, but eventually I had a lead in all states. Here were those where it took the longest: On June 22nd, It was essentially a tie in WA and CT. I was barely ahead in NC and MA. I was barely behind in IL and NJ. I was behind in MA, VT, and DC. By July 22nd, I was ahead in every state, but it was close in MN, VT, and MA. It was August 24th when I was finally ahead in every state. I never looked back. I started to focus on increasing my margin for victory and got 90.5 percent of the vote. I am considering trying for getting every vote, or to try to find a weaker candidate. I played this on 7 turn mode, as day-by-day get get boring, plus 7 day is a little harder since it makes it more difficult to take advantage of the web ads. On day-by-day mode, web ads can really make a difference, but on 7 day mode they only work on day 1, and not for the other 6 days, minimizing their advantage.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm Jeff from Cosmic Wombat Games, and I am funding Campaign Trail on Kickstarter. One of our backers pointed me to this forum and thought there might be some interest here. So I am giving you the information on the game. Thanks for checking it out! As mud-slinging political campaigns once again clamor for our attention, the new strategy board game, Campaign Trail, is launching its own campaign on Kickstarter, Sep 16 – Oct 9. After 4 years of touring the country's gaming conventions, holding photo ops with hardworking gamers everywhere, and collecting rave reviews, Campaign Trail is asking for your campaign contributions to raise funds for its first production run. Developed by Cosmic Wombat Games, Campaign Trail is a 2-6 player strategy game in which players are candidates competing to become the next President of the United States. Whether in teams with your running mate or one-on-one, it's up to you to sway the voting public in your favor using cards to advertise, campaign, host events, raise funds, register voters, travel, and debate the important issues facing the nation. The candidate that best manages their resources and connects with the public on key issues will win the presidency! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cosmicwombatgames/campaign-trail
  3. Forum Name: Power:UK The Unique Parliament Simulation Forum Link: Link Link to Administrative/Moderator Account:Evan Forum Rating: Appropriate for All Ages Forum Category: Real Life Roleplay Forums Forum Blurb:
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