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  1. I picture myself living where many of my ancestors lived---in Massachusetts. I picture myself as a Harvard professor, who is conflicted on the war, as I am both a strong abolitionist and a pacifist. While I do not see the majority of Southern people as evil or un-American, I see the members of the Plantation Class--the minority that rules the South--as traitors, immoral, bordering on Satanic, who have basically revoked their citizenship by waging war on our country and, furthermore, have lost all claims to their property as open traitors. I expect the property to be divided among former slaves
  2. This poll comes from a blog I wrote awhile back: https://historymonocle.com/2016/04/10/top-20-most-powerful-politicians-who-were-never-president/
  3. I have created a poll for the upcoming German federal election. I copied the ideologies of the parties from Wikipedia, to avoid any accusation of being biased of certain parties. For the coalitions please remember that all parties said they refuse to build a coalition with the AfD and the CDU/CSU also ruled out the The Left as partner in any government. The 2nd question is just hypothetical and out of curiosity. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. @JDrakeify @mz452 @The DM @Kingthero @QuickHead555 @chunkbuster11 @Bjornhattan @HomosexualSocialist @willpaddyg
  4. http://www.factcheck.org/2017/09/obamas-final-numbers/ This is the link that I'm getting this information from.
  5. Decided to do a poll after writing about this topic for my Sociology class yesterday, listening to Coloring Book until 3 this morning, going to sleep, and then waking up this morning to a hot mess, as has become routine in 2017 PLEASE KEEP THIS CIVIL. I would love it if there were no comments on this and people just voted on the poll without starting a flame war on this thread. *side-eyes certain people I'm sure will be extremely opinionated on this topic*
  6. Which are your favorites?
  7. Here's another poll. The Democratic Faction Poll is in the forum.
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