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  1. I'm working on a scenario about a fictional 2002 New Mexico gubernatorial election. It's based on the story and characters from the novel The Road To Santa Fe by Norman Zollinger. The story follows the campaign of Democrat Enrique Tyndall Garcia (nicknamed "Rick"). He's the district attorney of the fictional Chupadera County, New Mexico. He's recovering from the suicide of his wife, and looking to just serve out the rest of his term. Democratic Party powerbroker Ashley McCarver runs across Garcia, learns of his story, and recruits him to run for Democratic nomination for governor. The only other candidate for the nomination "...might as well be a Republican," and McCarver sees Garcia as the DNC's only hope of holding onto the governor's mansion. I won't go into further detail about the novel, but I'll put out some information about the scenario I'm working up. Let me know if there's any interest in this. Democrats: Enrique T. Garcia (since Chupadera County is fictional, I placed Garcia in the real life Torrence County which, like the fictional county, is small and rural) State Rep. Sheldon Karp Republicans: State Sen. Tom Owens Mayor Jeff Bench Former Atty Gen. Edward Walker Businessman Neal Handy State Rep. Karen Chapman Green: Prof. Everette Hardin
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    Florida Senate 2010

    Hey, Ken! Good to see you around here. I'll try it out and give you some feedback.
  3. BAMurphy

    Senator Forever - Louisiana 2008

    Thanks for creating this one! I played my first election just a few hours ago, and it worked great.
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    What should i do next?

    I'd love to see a Louisiana scenario done. I'm live there, so I can do my best to help with you with what you need.
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    USA 1960

    I have an old copy of the Theodore H. White classic The Making Of The President 1960 It has the number of votes and percentages for Nixon, Byrd, and Kennedy in the general. I won't promise anything, but I think it may have primary results as well (I'll have to dig it out of my closet and check). If you need any help with that, I'll do what I can.
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    1968 (with Primaries)

    brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com please
  7. brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Did you ever know that you're my hero? Awesome job. I can't wait to try it out.
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    New Scenario

    I finally getting around to posting an image from my Villaraigosa campaign. I was able to take control of San Diego, and Riverside counties from Whitman After that, it was pretty much all said and done.
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    New Scenario

    I easily won the nomination as Antonio Villaraigosa. I'll finish the general election sometime later today. The scenario is working great, though! The only problem I encountered is Villaraigosa endorsing himself. Seriously, though, you did an amazing job on this! I know I'm not the only one who appreciates all the hard work.
  11. Awesome! Once again, Zion, you've impressed me. Fantastic work!
  12. I'd definitely like a copy of both Brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com Thanks.
  13. This looks fantastic. Good job on all the (probably tedious) work you're putting into this!
  14. brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com Also, I'm curious. How do you create statewide scenarios like this?
  15. I'd love a copy Brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com Thanks!
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    US2008 - Up To Date

    Brian.Senatormurphy@gmail.com please.
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    1968 (with Primaries)

    I'm pretty sure no one was attacking or ripping into him. They're just putting their info down so they can get the scenario whenever it's ready.
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    1988 (With Ps)

    Zion, I thought I'd leave you some feedback since you asked when you first posted the scenario. I have to say it was a lot of fun. I did my Kennedy Vs. Bush play-by-play thanks to your scenario. I made sure to give you some credit for it.
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    Probably the closest primary ever

    Speaking of the Gold addition (which I was lucky enough to be emailed a copy of ), I just finished this fairly close campaign between Obama/Richardson, and Romney/Gingrich. I was playing Obama The Electoral Vote isn't that close. Though even after Obama was declared the winner, the popular vote majority fluctuated between Romney and Obama. Finally it settled on Obama, but there was still less than a million votes between the two candidates.
  20. BAMurphy

    Probably the closest primary ever

    Wow. I've had a few close primary races like that too. It'd be pretty cool if we had the option to wheel and deal at the conventions to try and steal delegates away from other candidates, etc.
  21. Sounds great! I'd love to try it. brian.senatormurphy@gmail.com
  22. First I want to say that this scenario comes from zion. It's a 1988+ Primaries scenario, and can be found here on the boards. If you haven't tried, you definitely should. I considered what would happen if Senator Ted Kennedy had run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988. After barely beating out Jessie Jackson in the primaries, I was able to win the nomination as Kennedy. Because Jessie was stubborn and wouldn't accept his primary defeat, I chose Al Gore to be my running mate. On the Republican side, George H.W. Bush was in a last man standing grudge match against Pat Robertson.Finally Robertson dropped out and endorsed Bush. Bush was nominated and chose Jack Kemp to be his running mate. I wish I had written down a play by play of the campaign, because it was a see saw race throughout. I kept running ads hitting Bush on Iran Contra, and his stance on the Soviets. In true Kennedy fashion, I had a couple of scandals surface (I'm guessing they had something to do with drinking and/or women). I won both presidential debates, while Kemp beat Al Gore in the VP debate. In the end, I had California, and the rest of the west coast locked up. Bush had Florida, and the south. I knew the campaign would come down to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the upper midwestern states of Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. I created ads attacking Bush one last time on Iran Contra, and an ad on Kennedy's experience. I waited until the Thursday before the election, then ran both ads nationwide. I went into election day 3 million in debt. Can Kennedy revive Camelot, or will Bush continue the Reagan legacy? Election night: 7:00 (I'll say 7:00, even though the scenario starts at 4:00) Polls close in the east. Alabama and Virginia immediately lock for Bush The only blue state at the moment if Vermont 7:15 Indiana, Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky lock for Bush. He leads in South Carolina as well. No good news for Kennedy yet. Electoral Vote: Bush-75 Kennedy-0 Popular Vote: Bush-52.6% Kennedy 42.5% 7:30 Ohio reports in as a blue state, as does West Virginia. West Virginia starts flipping back and forth, then finally settles on red. Seconds later, West Virginia is called for Bush. Kennedy leads by a slim 8,000 vote margin 8:00 New Hampshire reports in and closes for Bush. Finally, there's a little good news for the Kennedy/Gore camp. Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Washington, DC turn blue. The stares of Delaware, and Maine report in as red states. Missouri, Illinois, and (surprisingly!) Mississippi report in as a Kennedy states. Mississippi doesn't stay blue long, and switches from blue to red. 8:04 Oklahoma locks in for Bush 8:05 DC and Pennsylvania lock for Kennedy, while Maine locks for Bush. Connecticut turns red and stays red. Then Missouri, and Illinois both lock for Kennedy Electoral Votes: Bush-105 Kennedy-63 Popular Vote: Bush-50.6% Kennedy-44.7% Delaware goes blue after being red for quite a while. North Carolina reports is called for Bush, at the same time as New Jersey goes from blue to red. Then the state of Michigan is called for Kennedy. Ohio is still blue, but the vote count is close. Kennedy leads 49.9% to 47% Arkansas starts flipping back and forth from red to blue, and Tennessee is called for Bush. 9:00 Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, and (surprisingly) Texas report in as blue states. Meanwhile Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, and Wyoming report in as red. Texas starts flipping back and forth. Electoral Vote: Bush-129 Kennedy-83 Popular Vote: Bush-48.9% Kennedy-46.4% Note: Texas is a surprise considering I didn't campaign there once. The last minute ad blitz must have tipped the undecideds in Kennedy's favor. New York is called for Kennedy and soon after Bush takes Kansas. Then Colorado is called for Kennedy, and Wyoming is called for Bush. Minutes later, Rhode Island, and Minnesota are called for Kennedy, while Louisiana (my home state), and Nebraska lock in as Bush states. Texas is staying blue much to the surprise of everyone. Then Arizona is officially called for Bush Electoral Votes: Bush-153 Kennedy-149 It becomes clear that this is going to be a very close race, and a very long night. 10:00 Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Montana report in as red states, and Iowa reports in as blue. Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah are locked in for Bush, while Iowa is locked in for Kennedy. Electoral Vote: Bush-167 Kennedy-157 Popular Vote: Bush-10,089,008 (47.9%) Kennedy-9,958,846 (47.3%) Nevada reports in and starts flipping back and forth. As of 10:46, Kennedy still has a roughly 5,000 vote lead in Texas. 11:00 California, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington report in as blue states Washington, California, Hawaii, and Oregon are called for Kennedy, while Montana is called for Bush. For the first time, Kennedy takes an Electoral Vote Lead Electoral Vote: Kennedy-225 Bush-171 Popular Vote: Bush-16,658,027 (47.7%) Kennedy-16,551,371 (47.4%) North Dakota reports in and starts flipping back and forth. Ohio is still too close to call. Kennedy leads with 1,158,420 votes to Bush's 1,075,474 For the first time, Kennedy pulls ahead in the popular vote. His lead is roughly 48,000 votes. Surprisingly, Kennedy's home state of Massachusetts hasn't officially been called. Though he still leads by a somewhat comfortable margin. At 11:52, South Dakota locks for Bush. Midnight: Alaska reports in and immediately locks for Bush. Then South Carolina finally locks in as a red state. At the same time, Vermont locks for Kennedy. 12:33 Ohio finally locks for Kennedy Electoral Vote Kennedy-251 Bush-185 Kennedy is 19 votes away from victory. Texas is still blue. With 44% of the Texas vote reporting, Kennedy leads with 1,938,964 votes compared to Bush's 1,890,496. 1:04AM Delaware locks for Bush. Then Maryland, Massachusetts lock for Kennedy, and put him over the top. Shortly after 1:00AM, the election is called for Democratic candidates Edward Moore Kennedy and Albert Gore, Jr. Soon after, New Jersey and Mississippi are called for Bush. 1:30AM Arkansas locks in for Bush 2:03AM Texas, and Wisconsin are called for Kennedy. Kennedy-4,350,977 (49.1%) Bush-4,282,375 (48.3%) 3:05AM Nevada locks for Bush 4:06AM North Dakota locks for Kennedy Election night '88 is over. Electoral Vote: Kennedy-317 Bush-221 Popular Vote: Kennedy-59,860,875 (50%) Bush-54,290,928 (45.3%) So another Kennedy makes it to the White House, Gore gets started as vice president four years early, and Vice President Bush probably fades into obscurity. All in all, it was a pretty fun race to play, and election night was a lot of fun to watch. Hope you enjoyed following along.