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  1. haha Good job. What difficulty level was it on?
  2. I've thought for a long time that an amzing way to do ads would be Markets, not States. for example. I live in New Jersey, but New Jersey has two main markets. New York City and Philly. If you were a politican you would come to NJ, but your ads would be put on those two markets. The change would be that the New York City market would affect NY, NJ, and CT to a point and you could be much more precise in advertizing. Also, this becomes more effective since different parts of a state have different politics and concerns.
  3. Whoever said the Human Race was logical?
  4. Wow Dan. Very coool. Congrats. Don't worry about Veg, he's jealous.
  5. While you may have known this veg. Rick is refferencing an imfamous newspaper headline that said DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN. It was printed before the final results were in and obviously got it wrong. In an even more famous photo Truman is holding up the newspaper with a big smile. The use here with that smilie after is a bit of historical humor since Truman KILLED Dewey in that game simulation.
  6. Also no quoting of entire screenshots only to say. "wow".
  7. Dennis it's nice to know you take what we say so seriously. When we all say please don't do that. it means please don't do that. Tom. AMAZING. I had a really good Debs game that year also. It fun.
  8. I've wondered that since he first arrived
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