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    Two Questions About New CI Update

    You welcome!
  2. james_bond72

    Two Questions About New CI Update

    I managed to make it by "programming" with notepad. In the folder ''relation''. That an example : <relation from="conservative" to="labour">Very Bad</relation> <relation from="conservative" to="liberal">Bad</relation> <relation from="conservative" to="national" coalition="true">Normal</relation> <relation from="conservative" to="green">Bad</relation> <relation from="conservative" to="independent">Normal</relation> <relation from="labour" to="liberal" coalition="true">Good</relation> <relation from="labour" to="national">Bad</relation> <relation from="labour" to="green" coalition="true">Good</relation> <relation from="labour" to="independent">Normal</relation> <relation from="liberal" to="national">Very Bad</relation> <relation from="liberal" to="green" coalition="true">Good</relation> <relation from="liberal" to="independent">Normal</relation> <relation from="national" to="green">Very Bad</relation> <relation from="national" to="independent">Normal</relation>
  3. I try on a US house scenario to make it PR and not FPTP but it seem it dosen't work. I change the 435 ''seats'' to 50 with the number of Congressman in each state with the specification PR. The game work but it is always the ''winner take all''!? Sorry for the poor writing, english is not my first language.
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    Canada 2011 for the 2008 engine

  5. james_bond72@hotmail.com
  6. james_bond72

    Canadian Republic 2015

  7. The link don't work! james_bond72@hotmail.com
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    United States-1976, Historical Fiction

    The link don't work! james_bond72@hotmail.com
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    Quebec scenarios

    I am in search of scenario concerning the province (or country in certain scenarios probably) of Quebec, no matter the game(Prime Minister 4ever Canada, President 4 ever 2008, Chancelor 4ever). E-mail : james_bond72@hotmail.com Thanks! Je suis à la recherche de scénario concernant la province (ou pays dans certains scénarios probablement) de Québec, peu importe le jeu (Prime Minister 4ever Canada, President 4 ever 2008, Chancelor 4ever). Courriel : james_bond72@hotmail.com Merci!
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    Québec 2022

    I want it! / Je le veux!
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    Have I Been Blackballed?

  12. james_bond72

    Congress Forever 2010 Version Info

    Sorry, i have the latest beta version and i have the same problem like the previous version concern.