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  1. mi finger is exausted...... good idea
  2. isn't a completely new game. as a game with primaries, only need add many elecctions before... the base of the program is same.
  3. I don´t speak english, but i try to write clear. i think a game with many steps.... by example: you start play in elección for neighbor council, and if you want, you continue play for a sit in municipal council, and next for a major (alcalde in my country, chile), and next primaries for representant, and representant election, and next primaries for senator, and senator, and primaries for president, and president. if you win you are a political animal. how think about it.
  4. I, i write from Chile. I don't speak english, but i try to write. congratulations Anthony for your big game, if the politicians want wake up the youngers interest in politic, is necessary put the game in all the computers in the schools. Sug: the game have scenarios, but the game need campaigns, i propose run in the 1960 election, and the start position in the 1964 election is based in the 1960 election votes that i obtain. understand me???? thanks tony for give me a best estrategic game.
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