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    Of pies

    I am not sure what it does for the game but it is not so silly! In 2001 general election in UK the British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was hit with an egg while out campaigning. He was not whisked away by hoards of Security but instead landed a punch on the jaw of the protester and the two men ended in a clinch before police separated the pair. The protester was arrested while the Labour Party went on to win a huge victory for the second time running! And next year they will do so again. Charles http://news.bbc.co.uk/vote2001/hi/english/...000/1335107.stm (Deputy Prime Minister in red tie!!!)
  2. charlesbensham

    Trouble with maps

    I would be grateful for a tutorial. I have no idea how to do a map, what do i need, what software do I need. Any help would be greatly appeciated. Charles
  3. charlesbensham

    "What if" scenarios

    Well, I do seem to have started something!!! I am, personally, a JFK fan who was ahead of his time in relation to Civil Rights and a number of other policies. However, being a good politician doesn't necessarily mean that you are popular and many Presidents (or Prime Ministers as I am a Brit actually) are more popular in hindsight than they are at the time. An early and untimely death often sends a person to the position of greatness and almost sainthood. In Britain we have had a similar situation in relation to Diana, Princess of Wales. Interestingly, on the morning that she was killed some of the Sunday newspapers were carrying stories about her involvement with sleeze and an illicit relationship with Dodi al Fayad. Quickly the newspapers pulled those stories and since then hardly a bad word has been said of her. Anyway, this has nothing to do with my original post but I like to think that it is at least of interest so I will email the scenario off when I get a chance to complete it and hope that you enjoy it. By the way, Tim Henman is on a march to win the US Open! Charles
  4. charlesbensham

    "What if" scenarios

    I have thought about RFK in 1968 and may well work on that when I get the time. I would appreciate any ideas particularly from RFK fans LOL. As for Goldwater, whether he would have been selected is an interesting suggestion and I am working on adding some additional candidates from the primaries that year. It is worth noting that JFK's popularity was suffering and was part of the motivation behind the visit to Dallas in the first place. The Johnson election in 1964 was effected by the swing that always comes following an event like the assassination and the concept amoung people who believe in democracy that while they may wish to replace their politicians it is done by the power of the pencil on the ballot paper rather than by the bullet from a gun. The thing I like about these "What if" scenarios is that it is pure opinion and therefore we can all be right!!! For your information I have been working on another one which involves "What if" the Confederate States were to get sudden independence. 17 states plus Puerto Rico for the new CSA. Currently working on who would be the leading figures in such a scenario. Charles
  5. I have not posted before but have been working on a fantasy "What if" scenario and I am wondering whether it is of interest to others. I have adapted someone's existing effort so I hope that there are no copyrights on any of these things. My scenario is... What if Lee Harvey Oswald had missed! The year is 1964 and President Kennedy is seeking re-election against Goldwater! The numbers are close and with Goldwater's views on the potential use of Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam the whole world is looking on to see if a new and dangerous era is about to begin! Would people be interested? Charles