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  1. Thanks for the response. Any idea of the timeframe? Will it be done before the 2016 federal election?
  2. Is it possible to edit the candidates name in each electorate? Having Abbott and Rudd in each electorate destroys the realism of the game.
  3. I will not be pre-ordering this title until PM4E-Australia 2010, a title which I pre-ordered, is officially released. After the PM4E-Australia 2010 release debacle I may never pre-order again.
  4. No problem. Anything to speed up the development of the game.
  5. The Liberal Party and the National Party merged in Queensland to become the Liberal National Party (LNP). Traditionally the National Party had always performed better than the Liberal Party. The National Party was in power for 32 years (1957-1989) thanks to a gerrymander. The Liberals have had 2 Premiers in the 20th century. Since 1989 Queensland has been a ALP State. To be a more effective opposition and to improve their chances of winning office the two conservative parties merged. The National Party runs in all states except Queensland. The Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory has basically the same platform as the Federal and State Liberal Parties. Combined the Liberal Party, National Party, Liberal National Party and Country Liberal Party form the Coalition. They have one thing in common. They are anti-ALP.
  6. Any idea when the official (non-beta) version will be released?
  7. Thanks for the email re: beta to all those who pre-ordered. So, where is the beta? To make it fair for all fans of your products please release President Forever 2012 after the election. Somehow I can't imagine that happening. I really do appreciate a northern hemisphere based business releasing a game based on a southern hemisphere election but the late release of the game has left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I do appreciate the honesty in your communication and the absence of spin that other businesses might use.
  8. Hi, Just wondering if this title will be released before the election which will be held in 14 days. Half the fun of playing the game is lost post election.
  9. AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION 2007 With the Liberal-National Party Coalition consistently behind in the polls over the last 12 months this will be a tough election to win. Holding a 16 seat majority the Coalition strategy will be to hold on to those seats and attempt to pick it up one or two seats in Western Australia. To avoid a Rudd-slide the Liberal Party must also hold firm in South East Queensland, North Shore, Victoria and South Australia. There will be no Coalition campaigning in the ACT and little in the Northern Territory and Tasmania. There is no point in using resources in States that are too difficult to win. The campaign will be mostly positive with advertisements focusing on Howard's leadership but late in the campaign a negative advertisement attacking Rudd's leadership. On to the campaign...... 5 Weeks and 3 Days The polls reflect opinion of the last 12 months. On a 2 party preferred the Coalition is behind by 10 points, 43-53%. Seat wise it is 46-72 with 32 undecided. Closer look at the undecided seats shows that the Coalition lead in 22 and behind in 7. Given this the Coalition is behind by 9 seats, 68-79. Canning, Dickson and Paterson cannot be split. Despite the nation wide poll Howard's fifth election win is not out of reach. State by State Polls WA 45-51: 2 Coalition, 7 ALP, 6 Undecided NT 41-54: 0C, 2A, 0U TAS 46-53: 0C, 3A, 2U Mel 41-55: 6C, 18A, 5U Vic 45-51: 2C, 3A, 3U WSyd 38-57: 3C, 12A, 1U Syd 43-53: 5C, 5A, 1U NS 53-43: 7C, 1A, 0U NSW 45-53: 8C, 4A, 2U SEQ 45-52: 6C, 8A, 8U Qld 48-45: 3C, 1A, 3U SA 46-50: 4C, 6A, 1U 4 Weeks and 5 Days Howard loses the debate. Not surprising, Howard never wins the debate. The election according to the nation wide poll tightens, 47-51%. Converted to seats the Coalition leads 69-65 with 16 undecided. Factoring in the undecided the Coalition leads 76-71. Tangney, Herbert and Macquarie are dead even. State by State Polls WA 44-51: 3 Coalition, 7 ALP, 5 Undecided- gains NT 46-53: 0C, 2A, 0U- no change TAS 42-58: 0C, 4A, 1U- losses Mel 46-53: 11C, 17A, 1U- gains Vic 52-47: 7C, 0A, 1U- gains WSyd 40-59: 3C, 13A, 0U- losses Syd 45-55: 3C, 5A, 3U- losses NS 51-47: 6C, 1A, 1U- losses NSW 45-50: 9C, 4A, 1U- gains SEQ 50-46: 17C, 3A, 2U- big gains Qld 53-45: 5C, 1A, 1U- gains SA 46-52: 5C, 6A, 0U- gains 3 Weeks and 5 Days Nationally the Coalition lose ground 46-53% and trails 57-72. After the undecideds are distributed the ALP take a firm leading 67-80. 3 seats are neck-to neck Hasluck, Sturt and Blair. The Prime Minister is ahead by 2 per cent in Bennelong and is on the brink of defeat. Despite dropping in WA State wide poll the Liberal Party gains seats but suffers big losses in SEQ and Melbourne. State by State Polls WA 50-50: 8 Coalition, 5 ALP, 2 Undecided- gains NT 41-59: 0C, 2A, 0U- no change TAS 43-57: 0C, 4A, 1U- no change Mel 40-59: 3C, 20A, 6U- big losses Vic 50-46: 7C, 1A, 0U- losses WSyd 40-59: 3C, 13A, 0U- no change Syd 43-57: 3C, 6A, 2U- no change NS 51-48: 5C, 1A, 2U- losses NSW 46-51: 8C, 5A, 1U- losses SEQ 48-52: 8C, 7A, 5U- big losses Qld 56-42: 5C, 1A, 1U- no change SA 44-52: 4C, 6A, 1U- losses 2 Weeks 5 days The Coalition needs to halt the momentum before a Ruddslide emerges. Not surprisingly the people in SEQ is visited by the Prime Minister. Small inroads are made with the Coalition narrowing the gap by 1 per cent, 46-52%. The seats stand at 60-72 and when undecideds are distributed, 66-80. Deakin, Blair, Bowman and Page are level pegging. Time is running out and it appears that Rudd is headed towards the Lodge. Coalition momentum is slowly building in WA, Sydney and NSW. The blood has been stemmed in Melbourne and SEQ. State by State Polls WA 49-51: 5 Coalition, 7 ALP, 3 Undecided- losses NT 44-55: 0C, 2A, 0U- no change TAS 39-57: 0C, 4A, 1U- no change Mel 43-54: 10C, 18A, 1U- gains Vic 54-44: 7C, 1A, 0U- no change WSyd 40-57: 3C, 13A, 0U- no change Syd 40-57: 2C, 7A, 2U- losses NS 54-45: 7C, 1A, 0U- gains NSW 46-54: 6C, 5A, 3U- losses SEQ 48-51: 11C, 6A, 5U- gains Qld 59-41: 5C, 1A, 1U- no change SA 46-53: 4C, 6A, 1U- no change 1 Week 5 Days The Coalition fights back. Despite making no gains in the nation wide poll (45-52%) the seats tell a different story. The margin is reduced by 4, 68-72. After factoring in the undecideds the Coalition trails 71-75. The Coalition is back in the hunt. Four seats are even Casey, McEwen, Brisbane and Dobell. A hung parliament is definitely a possibility. The Prime Minister appears safe in Bennelong stretching his margin to 6 per cent. Labor is in trouble of losing the Queensland seat of Rankin. With an 11 per cent advantage at the outset of the campaign Labor can ill afford to lose Rankin. State by State Polls WA 50-50: 8 Coalition, 6 ALP, 1 Undecided- gains NT 43-56: 0C, 2A, 0U- no change TAS 39-57: 0C, 4A, 1U- no change Mel 42-58: 8C, 19A, 2U- losses Vic 48-48: 5C, 1A, 2U- losses WSyd 38-60: 2C, 13A, 1U- losses Syd 42-56: 3C, 7A, 1U- gains NS 53-45: 7C, 1A, 0U- no change NSW 47-52: 8C, 5A, 1U- gains SEQ 54-45: 18C, 3A, 1U- big gains Qld 54-43: 5C, 2A, 0U- losses SA 46-54: 4C, 6A, 1U- no change 5 Days After 4 weeks of tough campaigning the Coalition is on the brink of an election miracle. Trailing by 10 per cent at the beginning of the campaign the margin has been reduced to 3 per cent, 47-50. Before undecideds have been distributed the Coalition leads 70-65 seats . After distribution the lead is 78-70. Gilmore and Farrer are neck to neck. Labor is in danger of losing Rankin (8 per cent behind), Cowan (5 per cent), Brisbane (5 per cent) and Adelaide (3 per cent). However, John Howard is 2 per cent behind in the seat of Bennelong and is in danger of being the first Prime Minister since Bruce to lose his seat. For the first time in the campaign the Coalition is seriously challenging Labor in SA leading 52-48 per cent. State by State Polls WA 51-47: 10 Coalition, 3 ALP, 2 Undecided- gains NT 45-55: 0C, 2A, 0U- no change TAS 41-58: 0C, 5A, 0U- loss Mel 45-54: 11C, 18A, 0U- gains Vic 50-48: 6C, 1A, 1U- gains WSyd 44-55: 3C, 12A, 1U- gains Syd 41-58: 3C, 8A, 0U- losses NS 49-49: 3C, 1A, 4U- losses NSW 47-52: 5C, 5A, 4U- losses SEQ 54-42: 19C, 3A, 0U- gains Qld 52-46: 5C, 2A, 0U- no change SA 52-48: 5C, 3A, 3U- gains Entering the final week of the campaign the Coalition must hold firm in WA, SEQ, Melbourne, WSyd and surprisingly SA. NSW and NS must be pegged back or losses stemmed. Election Night The election is too close to call. However a Rudd scandal may have tipped the scales in favour of the Government. If so will it be the Treasurer Peter Costello heading to the Lodge or the Prime Minister John Howard? 6.30pm The ACT is all red. No surprises here. 6.45pm Tasmania is all red. Again no surprises. 7.00pm The Coalition is on the board. The North Shore is all Liberal except for Kingsford Smith. Howard wins Bennelong by 1 per cent. 7.30pm The Northern Territory is all Labor 8.00pm The polls were right in Western Sydney. The Liberals manage to win 3 seats. Every seat is vital. 8.15pm Queensland must deliver for the Coalition if it has any chance of winning the election. It does by delivering 5 seats for the Government. 8.45pm Victoria also delivers for the Coalition winning 7 out of 8 seats. Overall the Coalition trails 22-26. 9.15pm Despite a tight State wide vote the Coalition dominates NSW 11 seats to 3. The election is all tied up at 31 seats. 9.45pm Melbourne is the ALP's 18-11 but it may not be enough to secure victory. 10.00pm The Coalition loses Sydney by 3-8. The polls were spot on here. Overall the election is tight with Labor holding a handy lead 57-45. 10.15pm A fifth consecutive win for the Coalition is in sight. SEQ falls to the Coalition 18-4 seats. Overall the Conservatives lead 63-61 heading into SA and WA. 10.30pm Wow, SA is tight. Labor wins 6-5. Heading into WA the Coalition leads by 1 seat and a hung parliament a possibility. A cliffhanger was promised and we have not been disappointed. 11.00pm The Coalition wins Western Australia 9-6 FINAL RESULT The Liberal-National Party coalition passes the finishing line first by 4 seats, 77-73 seats. The closest victory since Menzies in the 1960's. The Labor Party picked up 14 seats but lost Rankin. Nationally Labor won the popular vote 47 per cent to the Liberals 41 per cent. On a two party preferred vote Labor won 52-48 per cent. However, it is seats that matter and once again the Coalition is triumphant.
  10. Playing as the Liberals is extremely tough. Because the Nationals do not contest every electorate the Liberals are up against Labor and the Greens. Labor seems to receive 70% of the Greens first preferences. Family First candidates would help to counter this imbalance.
  11. In many electorates. Some polls add up to 101, 102 and some add up 98 and 99. The end results are fine.
  12. I've noticed that in some electorates that the two party preferred vote when added up is greater than 100%. Has anyone else seen this?
  13. Anthony, Beautiful. Thanks for the response.
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