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  1. I think there are more foreign policy things in the full version as opposed ti te demo.
  2. No, it gaves me the same problem. And now I manually went to the hh.exe file to open with an it says it cannot open the file.
  3. I posted about this awhile ago, the help file won't load. It says it can't find the program to open the file with. I tried reinstalling and still nothing. Any advice?
  4. I don;t have a lot I can say for this because I did not expect such a result. I was playing as the SNP. I won 9 seats which was a dissappointment since polls the week before the election had me at 12 but that isn't the interesting thing. I had been going through the game with the public polling, mostly focusing on my own races but occassionally looking in at the national situation. For a few weeks in the middle of the campaign, it was labour with about 300 seats, tories with a 150 or so and the Libs doing ok. The Tories even had big mo. Then, in the last two weeks, the Blair starts doing better, getting up around 380 seats. Then, I initaite private polling, and what do I see? The Liberals have a lead in the Southwest, and they are almost tied with the conservatives for seats. Then, in the last week, scandals rock the Tories and these are the results: Labour: 423 seats (about 40% pop) Tories: 88 seats! (about 24% pop) Lib Dem: 99 seats! (about 25% pop)
  5. I think it would be really cool if at the end of a game you had no majority government you could have a brief period to propose coalitions with other parties. So like, if you used a lot of negative ads against that party, it wouldn't happen, but if the two parties were on okay terms it would. Or you could have some sort of system for concessions and demands and so forth. anyway, it would be really cool and would be a nice addition at the end of the game or as a concillation prize for good sportsmanship!
  6. I would like to create a scenario but I can't access the help file for some reason. Any suggestions?
  7. Both if I'm not mistaken, more so in PM- Ausie though to my expierience.
  8. Our school was Kerry: 963 Bush: 393 Nader: 101 In a school of about 2,000. Turns out about 500 votes came in late a were thrown away.
  9. Where can I get the latest version of the scenario.
  10. About the money, this starts after the convention so they are limited to what mone to spend. With the federal money and what not.
  11. I think how the states are won should influence it's delegation. Also have some cross party lines to vote for the guy with the most electoral votes.
  12. Yeah, too bad Hitler purged the communists and socialists!
  13. And there Donnesbury Election one doesn't work.
  14. You lost the USSR to Turkey?
  15. The new one is Political Machine. Costs $20 and has a slightly more laid back look but then a lot of serious features. Check it out. An online game I play is called Politics UK. You play an MP in British Parliament in 1945. It is a lot of fun, check it out!
  16. Yeah, the first crooked on decided in Florida. 1876
  17. If Kerry will put the economy in the tank then he doesn't have any work ahead of him! It's already there! And last I checked, negociating with an unorganized militia and being told to stop fighting by a toothless american puppet is pretty much loosing! Not to mention mobilizing the Muslim community (along with most communities for that matter) against the US.
  18. Will there ever be a UK version? Also, will we ever be able to form electoral coalitions in any version of the game.
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