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  1. This is a fantastic idea bluedevilsbaseball17@yahoo.com Thanks
  2. Also, State Senator Kwame Raoul and Dan Seals are supposedly on Blago's short list. I'm sure it's possible to find some decent GOP Candidates to run in this election. There is always Rep. Kirk, former Sen. Fitzgerald, Former Gov. Edgar, Rep. Roskam, former Treasurer Topinka and retiring Rep. LaHood. Obviously it would be an uphill battle for all of them, slightly less so for Edgar, Fitzgerald, and Kirk, but it could certainly be something fun to try.
  3. I would remove Speaker Madigan and Rev. Wright. Other possibilities Representative Jan Schakowsky Representative Danny Davis Representative Luis Gutierrez Comptroller Dan Hynes Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias Tammy Duckworth Valerie Jarrett State Senator James Claybourne
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