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  1. Definitely agree with GOTV and voter enthusiasm being part of the game. I know I mentioned this in another thread but can't emphasize enough how the economy/unemployment should have a much greater impact on the election. This is purely aesthetic but on election night I'd love to be able to take a look at different results in each state while the screen is paused, better yet if I could be able to view my watchlist races separately (basically the key races) on election night without having to click multiple states and trying to remember who was where it'd be great. For me it would be kind of like a personal report card since these were the races I was "responsible" for and paid the most attention to. Also some indication of a projected winner via a checkmark or something would be a nice touch. I know , I know purely aesthetic just like I said.
  2. I love this scenario too, easier for me to follow along than in the House..but why is O'Donnell up 10 points at the beginning? I think that the person making this scenario changed Castle to O'Donnell but didn't change the (very) different poll numbers!!
  3. I agree with Obamacare/Healthcare reform and Opposition to President Obama being in there. I also think there should be an overall "Direction of Country" issue as well. I was trying to find a specific name for what I think is the general sense of mistrust/cynicism out there about the government by many voters and I think this issue is a good way of implementing it. Also I think the economy and especially unemployment should have a much, MUCH greater impact on the game than it currently does. We should see random news stories such as "Unemployment remains high" "Still over 9%" "Boehner: Has Stimulus Failed?" Whether fair or unfair, the incumbent party usually takes a hit in a bad economy and right now the Dems seem to get a free pass on it which to me is not realistic. In a perfect world for me, just like there you had the Economy rating on the main screen of P4E08 I'd have both the economy as well as President Obama's approval rating there having an impact on the elections. Also: fewer undecided voters as we get closer to election day. Typically see 20% or more a few days before an election and usually pollsters like including "lean" voters rather than undecideds. In other words pressing an initial "undecided" voter and asking which candidate he is leaning towards to then include that in the totals.
  4. Well now that the official results are in can we please get rid of 1 if not both of the far right parties? Both Nader and McKinney finished with much higher vote totals than either of the 2 far right parties included in the game. I never really understood what rational was used to include them in the first place: Nader and the Greens always had the highest vote totals among 3rd parties in the previous 2 elections.
  5. Great game and a definite improvement over its predecessor. That being said however, I do have some tips/suggestions: 1. New Difficulty Level - I play on the Hard difficulty level constantly and I always have to do things to make the election competitive (landslides are boring) like not having as many footsoliders as I could make (I like to make 60 -70), changing my issue positions to make myself more 'extreme' not spinning certain news stories and I'm usually still able to win regardless of the candidate. I've won as Buchanan in 92, landslided as Huckabee, Gingrich, Brownback in 08, won as Carter in 80. Republicans I find to be easier to win than Democrats - go negative on same sex marriage, abortion, lots of footsoldiers = win. Maybe there can be a Master difficulty level. 2. Poor AI decisions - It seems that the AI-opponent is obsessed with turning deep red states blue or deep blue states red depending on the candidate and loves to go after small states. In close elections where you would think the AI would be campaigning in the too close to call states I've seen them going after Hawaii or California as the Republican or Louisiana and South Dakota as the Democrat...this while I'm winning or gaining ground in places like Michigan, Florida, PA, OH etc. 3. Footsoldiers - Seem to have way too much power; I can win as just about any candidate with enough footsoldiers in place. I've heard ideas about having specific footsoliders that do different things: Get out the vote, fundraise, robo calls, build party organization etc. So this could be another option. Finally, it would be a nice touch in future versions if candidates actually had decisions to make in the middle of the campaign with no 'right' answer. For example "Conservative leaders demand to know if Republican candidate X will only appoint pro-life justices?" Saying Yes will energize your supporters and maybe give you an extra footsolider but alienate some independents while No will do the opposite. For the Democrat something like "Progressives want Democrat candidate to commit to higher taxes on oil companies" Yes energizes the base while No maybe make businesses launch PAC ads against you in certain states.
  6. Yup! I also could not agree more! In fact, I spoke out about that in an earlier thread, suggesting the change for the far left position on terrorism could be: "We should negotiate with the terrorists" Don't agree with it but I think it sound a lot better! I changed it to that in a few of my scenarios as well! Glad to see I'm not alone in requesting that to be changed!
  7. I always try to be as fair and unbias as I can when I make my scenarios. For example, even though I am to the left and proud of it, in a couple of scenarios there is , if anything, a right wing bias in my NY NJ Scenario and in my Celebrity Challenge scenario. The reason is because Dems in NY NJ are more liberal than the national Dems, and likewise the Republicans are more moderate. With celebrities, the similar rules apply, generally speaking the Republican celebrities tend to be moderate, Arnold Schwarzenegger types, while the left leaning Celebrities tend to be more outspoken. However, in both scenarios I did include moderate Democratic candidates (Torricelli in NY NJ) and far right republican candidates (Ted Nugent in Celebrity Challenge for instance) to even it out.
  8. Well, I just played a couple games as a (gulp) yes Republican. But see, the way I played it, is that I only started airing advertisements until the final 2 or 3 weeks of the election, to make it more challenging and exciting! (I love close races!) And yes I always play with dynamism off. I played one time in the 2008 Scenario as Tom DeLay against Hillary Clinton and lost...the popular vote 44%-49%. 5 Points. A wide margin. BUT I narrowly won the Electoral Vote thus winning the election as Tom DeLay despite getting trounced in the popular vote! It was one of the most bizarre elections I've ever played in, what a wild event if that ever were to happen in real life?!? I bet there would be open talk of Revolution of the streets of New York if a conservative Republican lost by a whopping 5 points nationwide but still took the White House. The other memorable game I played was with poppy George HW Bush in the 1992 scenario. Since I was using my other computer at the time (the one currently with internet access, I just moved) it was without the update, so I had to go on how P4E was when it was first released. You really start to appreciate the things they did for the update when you play the old version, especially on Election Night when all those states go by so fast and you can't ever click at them to see what happened. So anyway, I played as poppy Bush, was really damaged by a Very Weak Economy and scandal, was losing big in every debate so I was forced to release my ads 3 weeks till election day, a little bit earlier than I usuallly do when I play as a Republican. I also released a size 9 scandal on Clinton that turned into a 12 at its peak. I attacked Clinton on abortion and bombarded the airwaves in the final 3 weeks with of ads on my leadership/exp. The result was one of the closes and most exciting elecitons ever. It was literally almost every battleground state going by 1 or 2 points, 1 or 2 points. Florida: Bush 45-43 Ohio: Bush 43-42 Missouri: Bush 39-39 Colorado: Clinton 41-40 Montana: Clinton 38-36 Virginia: Bush 45-44 Tennessee: Clinton 47-44 Arizona: Bush 46-45 Wisconsin: Bush 48-46 New Hampshire: Clinton 48-45 Nevada: Clinton 45-42 Lousiana: Clinton 47-45 (I was shocked at this, Clinton was up big in this state for weeks) Also Perot won Maine: Perot 38-33 And sorry JoSpiv, but as Bush I won Jersey 52-46. The final result was Clinton winning the popular vote easy and by winning NY, CA, MI, PA he won the Electoral Vote with a total of Clinton 288 Bush 244 Perot 4 Though I lost, which wasn't too bad since I was Bush, I was surprised with how close it was although if you just change 1 or 2 percent here and there, Clinton wins in a landslide in both the EV and popular vote. Still, one heck of a race!
  9. Thanks. I like the historical ones too but most of those were taken already when I started doing this so I was forced to use my imagination for a lot of them. Anyway, I plan along with another scenario-maker whose name I will not reveal unless he wants to step forward, of making a series of "what if" historical scenarios that hopefully will be somewhat entertaining!
  10. And of course that dopey Ralph Nader had to take 113,000 votes in that state too!
  11. Grrrr.... Playing as myself against Bush in the 2004 scenario, I just lost Washington by 3,000 votes losing the Presidency 278-260. (If I had won Washington, I would have won 271-267) It was a very exciting election: I won Ohio by 0.8 points, Bush won Pennsylvania by 1.2 points, won big in Florida, Bush took Wisconsin..very close race. Last time I played I landslided Bush and the time before that I lost narrowly, both games playing as myself. I was besieged by scandals this time around, and they occurred right at the end too which really stinks because that's the time you want to be barnstorming states and creating foot soldiers. I won all 3 debates by a large margin for the first time ever. Oh well, just gives me more motivation the next time around!
  12. What happened to Mark Latham? I heard he imploded on the campaign trail in a Howard Dean-like fashion, is this true?
  13. I'm talking about the politics though. Sure, if you take a poll most people would fall into the centrist category strictly on the issues. In fact, if you take a poll asking people what they believe, they generally fall in line with the Democrats. However, Republicans control all 3 branches of government right now and George W Bush is the most conservative US President since at least Reagan. Why is this so? Unfortunately, I fear that many Americans have been duped into voting Republican not because they agree with them on the issues but out of fear, insecurity, a belief that Republicans somehow "protect" them better from foreign threats and things like "morals" and "values" which can't really be measured.
  14. Oh yes, we certainly are. Compare the US to Europe or Canada or Latin America...our politics are definitely more conservative than the average democratic country, particularly if you look at Western democracies. For example, in most countries, the Democrats would not be considered a left wing party at all, at most it would be a centrist party and in some places it would be the conservative party. I mean, we still have debates in some parts of the US over Evolution! I agree we are a divided country, but I would argue that the divide is between far-right and centrism.
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