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  1. Actinguy

    Forum Historical Election Poll #17

    For myself, I know the opponents pretty well from inception up to about 1870. Then I struggle to even name the winning Presidents in order until Hoover. 1870s to 1930s is a blur for me, even for the winners.
  2. Actinguy

    Forum Historical Election Poll #17

    Actually, the poll specifically says "if you were transported back to the xxxx election". So we are, in fact, our 2019 selves when answering these polls. That said, I'm sure name familiarity plays a big role in all of these. I don't know much about some of the losing main stream candidates -- and I haven't even heard of some of these 3rd and 4th party options. So I look at the name of the person I know won that election and think "Do I like what I know about their presidency?" and then I vote for them if yes, and I vote for their mainstream opponent if no. And that's exactly what I would be doing if I was "transported back to the xxxx election."
  3. Actinguy

    Biden & Bernie strong out of the gate scenario......

    Biden could win 100% of the Iowa vote and Bernie could win 100% of the New Hampshire vote, but come Super Tuesday it won't make one bit of difference. California and Texas are both HUGE delegate states, and both have hometown heroes (Texas has two) running. The only way Kamala or Beto drop out is if they lose those states -- and if they win them, they'll be doing victory laps around Biden and Bernie. I also expect Pete Buttigieg to do really well, and juxtaposing very nicely against two 70+ year old men, creating an exciting media narrative.
  4. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    Ok. Just need @Reagan04 to vote. Issue on the table is whether to send an envoy to stop the British attacks on our shipping. Everyone else has voted aye.
  5. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    (Ha! It literally was his dying wish after all!) @vcczar @CalebsParadox "Gentlemen. Though we mourn President Franklin's passing, we have little time for it. Indeed, it may have been a blessing. And not just for Mr. Franklin, who spent his final years in far more pain than any good man shall allow, but for us as well. I speak truly. You know what his mind was like in those final days. Had the Maker seen fit to allow him that one final cabinet meeting, he might well have declared war on Britain! Over a few ships! I tell you, I have no appetite for it. No appetite at all." "Alexander. I bid you travel to England at once to sort this nasty business out. You were Washington's Secretary of War -- they'll take your presence as a serious indication that we do not take their actions lightly, but whatever you do, get peace! Take Attorney General Jay with you, to ensure whatever you sign is legal. But first, let's present this plan to Congress. Washington was a hero, and Franklin a dying legend, but John Adams apparently must ask for permission to be President at every cursed turn! President Adams appoints Alexander Hamilton as special envoy, and re-appoints John Jay as Attorney General (just as Jay was for Washington). Adams presents the Envoy plan to congress. Adams and Gallatin promote their allies voting "aye". Caleb, @Reagan04, and @Hestia11 to vote.
  6. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    As we haven't proposed a bill of rights yet, and the 11th amendment isn't even in the game, I suppose this would become the First Amendment. ;c)
  7. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    President Franklin, with the help of his aide Albert Gallatin and VP Adams, issues The Second Franklin Papers. The first set made clear that the VP becomes the true President following the death of the President. This second set proposes a new way of conducting elections, to ensure the kind of nonsense that happened last time can not happen again. (The Gallatin/Adams thing is just flavor. He's not actually delegating this to anyone.) President Franklin milks his age for all it's worth, presenting this as the last wish of a dying man. Franklin spends his only point of influence to write this bill, then proposes it to congress. The Franklin-Adams-Gallatin contingent votes aye.
  8. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    We’re back to the issues part of the game, right @vcczar? If so, I’m ready when you are. I have no immediate offices that I’m appointing.
  9. Weakness: Age, "just a mayor." Strength: His message about age (I care about the choices that I'm making because I'm still going to be here in 50 years to see the consequences of those choices) and that he's actually not just a mayor at all. He has more military experience than any President since George Herbert Walker Bush, and more executive experience than Pence.
  10. Actinguy


    No, I don't care about that. That would be like saying a Senator from Nebraska is in too close to Big Corn, or someone from West Virginia has accepted too many donations from Big Incest. That's what being a politician from Texas "is", and if we can't accept Democrats who do that, then...well...that might explain why we can never seem to win Texas. What bothers me more is his lack of credentials or experience.
  11. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    You people will RUE THE DAY you crossed the President of the United States who is extremely likely to die with the very next card flip. ;c)
  12. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    And I’ve used it to help you! General, Supreme Court Justice. I offered you the VP slot. I named a STATE after you! Thats it, Burr. Meet me in New Jersey at dawn. Bring your dueling pistols. Haha. ;c)
  13. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    Faction support can be given to your statesmen as needed. If Jefferson or Madison or whoever falls short on the necessary ability to get something done, you can give them your faction influence to help them succeed. (one influence equals +1 ability...not a permanent boost, just when you use that influence on a specific thing.) There are other uses as well (including an ability to give it to other people's factions if you so choose for whatever purposes) but that's the main one so far.
  14. Actinguy

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2019

    @vcczar @Hestia11 Here it is. "Burr will build congressional support, and I don't think Clinton has points to at this point in time."
  15. Hooray! It's working! Haha.