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  1. I'm color blind, and my artistic ability -- to the extent that I have any -- has been limited strictly to the written and spoken word. So take this with a grain of salt, but... Dante: I get that the background image is the state flower, but I'm unclear on what the star with the three circles is meant to represent. It wasn't explained in the narrative. Robin: Beautiful drawing, but seems more fitting for a fancy children's book than a flag. Reshonda: I like this one the most. It feels a little more like a college flag than a state flag, but I'm hardly an expert on this topic. I would normally be opposed to direct religious references, but "In God We Trust" is literally the official motto of the United States. We can argue whether it SHOULD be the motto, but it currently is nonetheless. The real issue here might be that it's actually Florida's official motto as well, so it might be confusing to have it appear on Mississippi's flag. Qin: Too plain. Jyreme: Too busy.
  2. Rare moment alert: I’m going to have to go with @admin_270 on this one. Wistful means “vague or regretful longing.” You and I may find Admin’s thoughts re: Trump to be regretful, but he certainly doesn’t. The word you likely sought was wishful.
  3. It’s interesting that Ohio Governor DeWine and Trump are moving down almost perfectly parallel, as they have entirely different approaches to COVID. Ive been extremely impressed by DeWine’s performance during this crisis. My opinion of him has shot way up.
  4. The death of Thomas Marshall puts 2 points on the board for @mlcorcoran.
  5. @swejie ISSUE FIVE 1935 Mr. President, the world’s largest economic powers are in a post-war shambles right now. This is the time to strike, to become the most powerful economic powerhouse in the world! What say you?
  6. This presidency is off to an auspicious start! President Sherman, Secretary Pershing, and Secretary Mellon each lose one popularity as the Naval conference fizzles without results. As IP spent is halved and rounded down for losses, Swejie at least gets to keep his one IP.
  7. Fairbanks’ retirement puts 1 point on the board for @Leuser.
  8. @swejie ISSUE FOUR 1934 Mr. President, disgraced Secretary of Agriculture Fairbanks has submitted his resignation. We’ll need a new Agriculture Sec. Also, the British ambassador has suggested a conference to discuss naval sizes as our Navy is on trek to surpass their own...something they would prefer not to have happen. In truth, our Navy has become quite expensive, and with all of the increased costs and cut revenues, it might be nice to reach some kind of agreement in which we both cut back on ship production. What say you, Mr. President?
  9. Nope, you can actually keep the Fed card for now as you already had it when you inherited the presidency. This is the only scenario in which President and Fed Chair can be the same player.
  10. President William Howard Taft becomes the first President in US History to be impeached and convicted. He steps down and is replaced by VP @swejie James S Sherman. Taft remains in the game, but loses 5 popularity. Even so, he's still popular enough to retain his title as party leader. However...the investigation into Taft's dealings with the European powers accidentally kicked up additional casualties. @Leuser's Secretary of Agriculture Charles Fairbanks, Chief Justice Alton B Parker, and Senator Harry Daugherty are each found to have been been involved in shady dealings with a sham loan company involved with the Mississippi Flood Recovery plan. They each lose one popularity. @Woot played:
  11. Long term, sure. The people vote for the people who appoint the people in power. But there hasn't been an election since the most recent causes for outrage, and thus the people have not had the opportunity yet to hold their current elected officials accountable. This is not a fast process.
  12. Wasn't that more about mourning for JFK? I'm also surprised to see Obama rated higher than Bush 2.0. Yes, Fox News was against him, but most of the other major outlets were generally supportive of his Presidency.
  13. Hard for civilians to reform the police. They are "calling" for it, of course, and putting political pressure on to the best of their ability. In the meantime, we also have these acts to spread further awareness and calls to action.
  14. 28-0 for impeachment. Vote to @Woot. If you're spending any IP or playing coalition building cards, now is the time.
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