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  1. @mlcorcoran ISSUE THREE 1847 Mr. President. Now that Phase One and Two have gone off flawlessly, it is time for the true objective: Phase Three. You are surprised. I know. But I am sure you understand — we’ve kept you in the dark so that you could have plausible deniability if things went wrong. But they didn’t, and so now you need to know: We’re taking Cuba. ”Taking” is a strong word, perhaps. Frankly, we would have been happy to leave Cuba to Spain’s weak control. No harm, no foul. But after losing control of Mexico, Spain seems to have lost their appetite for the Western Hemisphere. Which is all well and good — but they’re not inclined to just abandon Cuba to independence. They plan to sell Cuba to the highest bidder. And if Cuba falls into the wrong hands — say, British or French ones — we could lose control of the Gulf. We could even find ourselves at war. So, Mr. President. You can understand the need for secrecy so far. This should look like just the next logical step in the southern expansion that you’ve been pursuing for your entire presidency — not an intentional counterpoint to British or French involvement. But I should warn you, sir — if we take this to Congress, and it fails, our detractors will likely publicize the plan and we’ll have to issue a formal apology to the European powers. That would be a national embarrassment. So if we’re doing this — let’s make sure we’re doing it right. What say you, Mr. President?
  2. He could also spend statesmen IP to buy votes, and had enough to change it if he really just super hated Alabama. But he didn’t (he posted above), so we’re good!
  3. Alabama statehood is confirmed! President Polk gets 1 popularity, as does Secretary Everett. Polk loses one faction IP.
  4. @mlcorcoran ISSUE TWO 1846 Mr. President, everything seems to be working out in Mississippi — shall we expand into Alabama as well?
  5. Mississippi statehood achieved! President Polk and Secretary Everett each get one popularity point. Polk spends one IP. Everett unseats John McLean @Woot as Liberal party leader.
  6. Right -- the most recent "one." But two days before that NYT poll started, the most recent poll had Biden at 24 in Iowa and Bernie at 14. And the more recent poll as of a week ago had Biden at 24 and Sanders at 18. And the one before that actually had Biden at 15 and Bernie up to 20. All of these polls were this month. Don't put too much stock into any one poll, even the most recent. Bernie absolutely COULD win Iowa, but it's about as likely as him taking fourth place. Either way, polls in the aggregate suggest this is going to be a very close race.
  7. Not much. You’re citing a single poll in Iowa because it reflects what you want to be true. Aggregating all of the polls tells a different story — that it’s going to be an extremely close four way race where Bernie might win or might come in fourth or anywhere in between. He does do consistently better in New Hampshire, but that’s not surprising, given state demographics. Like everyone else not named Biden, he’ll have to start swaying black voters to have any chance with the Super Tuesday states (plus SC).
  8. If my count is right, @Shamilton has the deciding vote.
  9. And that’s definitely all going to change for the better while you sit on the sidelines. You have to start somewhere. Journey of a thousand steps.
  10. You are allowing perfect to become the enemy of good. That might be okay for Canadian politics; I don’t pretend to know. But in America, it has been a disaster.
  11. I’m leaving my comfort zone to be part of the change I want to see in the world.
  12. I volunteered for a political campaign for the first time today — it’s something I always wanted to do, but wasn’t sure where to start and was nervous about trying. But today I received a list of New Hampshire voters who had requested an early voting ballot. My job was to see if they’d submitted it yet — if they had, who did they vote for, and if they hadn’t, see if I could politely persuade them to vote for my guy. I did it from the comfort of my home, and only had one person hang up on me — and even that person was polite enough to thank me for my military service before disconnecting. Not as scary as I thought. I encourage everyone to give it a try, especially for Pete. ;c)
  13. ISSUE ONE 1845 Mr. President. The forced, illegal relocation of our land’s earliest people is a true tragedy, all can agree. But... I mean... Is not one of their core tenants the belief that nothing should ever go to waste? And...aren’t their former lands now going to waste? I mean.:.thats a tragedy all by itself, is it not? Should we not put those lands to good use by establishing farms and post offices and Trader Joes?
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