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    P4E8 2012 Scenario Beta released

    I've updated this scenario, starting it the day before the Iowa caucuses, dropping Cain and Bachmann while updating Iowa's numbers and the polling in South Carolina and New Hampshire. I've posted more details in the scenario board, shoot me a message there if you'd like to try it out.
  2. Greetings, super friends! I've created a super-updated 2012 scenario, accurate as of...today. 1) Based on the official 2012 scenario. 2) Begins the day before the Iowa caucuses. 3) Up to date polling for New Hampshire and South Carolina. I couldn't find recent polling for the other states. 4) Iowa numbers are accurate for the caucus. Santorum tends to be the winner though, only narrowly beating Romney. Regardless, they get the same number of delegates. 5) Cain and Bachmann default off. I tried leaving Bachmann on but polling her at 0 percent in all states, but she still managed to gather spoiler votes, so I had to boot her. 6) The game is balanced to only have the default starting candidates, plus a third party candidate. Turning on Cain, Bachmann, or anyone other than a third party could significantly throw off the balance of the game. 7) In my playthrough, Gingrich edged out a win in South Carolina, Perry got Texas, but the rest of the states (other than Iowa) went to Romney. He picked Christie as his VP, winning with 303 VP. I space-barred as the third party. Who wants it?
  3. Actinguy

    Updated 2012 scenario

    This sounds great! May I partake in the awesomeness? Actinguy at hotmail
  4. Actinguy

    President Forever 2012 Announced!

    I caught a lot of flack when I posted my refusal to pre-order President Forever 2012, because all it said was "Pre-order now!" with a link to payment options, and zero info about the game. I said it sounded like 270soft was only focused on getting every dollar, and wasn't making any effort at the game or interaction with the customer. They thought that all they had to do was say "pre-order now!" and customers would line up like sheep. Despite my desire to have the game (I LOVED PF2008), I refused to give my money for something without having read a single word or seen a single picture. I questioned whether 270soft would even have the game done on time. Man...I would have liked for nothing more than to have been wrong. I understand now that 270soft is possibly a single-person operation, but to focus on Canada and Australia and not put any work into the American version when the primaries are now less than six months away...I guess I just don't get it. But I'm definitely glad I didn't send them any of my money now!
  5. Hi guys! I've been working for a while on an updated, realistic 2012 scenario...for the sole purpose of creating a 2016 scenario. My plan is to spacebar my 2012 enough games that I get a specific Republican President/VP ticket to repeat 5 times. In my 2016 scenario, Obama/Biden won 2012, but the 2012 Republican, VP, and second/third place finishers are better positioned for a 2016 run. The 2012 ticket and second/third place finishers will be determined by how many times they win my spacebarred 2012 game. I'll include other candidates as well, of course, including Democrats. For the 2012 scenario, I'm using actual state polling for the candidates, where available. If it's not available, then I've been using national polling. I am including Rick Perry, not including Sarah Palin. I've been putting most of my efforts into finding what I feel are truly viable vice presidents for 2012. As such I'm hoping you can help me with a few things: 1) Republican/Democrat candidates for 2016, including ratings. No need to include the 2012 folk as they'll already be there, if age allows. 2) 2016 issues. 3) Anything else you feel like contributing. 4) EDIT: Also 2012 issues, with where you think the Reps would fall in line.
  6. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    New polls out without Huckabee and Daniels. Shows support with and without Palin. http://www.gallup.com/poll/147806/Romney-Palin-Lead-Reduced-GOP-Field-2012.aspx
  7. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    True, however, McCain desperately wanted Lieberman in 2008. He ended up picking Palin after his aides vetoed Lieberman (for being too moderate like McCain, rather than strengthening the party base (McCain's weak point and Palin's strength.) Lieberman is unlikely, but it comes down to whoever the candidate is.
  8. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    I could also see potentially adding these Reps: Joe Lieberman Charlie Crist Tom Ridge Eric Cantor Paul Ryan Carly Fiorina Condoleeza Rice
  9. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    Looking at Ayamo's Republican list, many of them have been in office for less than 5 months. Republicans tore into Obama for being in office for three years. Their biggest argument against Obama was his inexperience...and then they turned around and nominated a VP who had only been in office for TWO years. They're not going to make that mistake again.
  10. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    I significantly altered the VP list in RZ's scenario, here's what I came up with: Dems: Joe Biden Reps: Nikki Haley Rob Portman Bob McDonnell Rick Perry Jim DeMint John Thune Jan Brewer Butch Otter Sam Brownback Bobby Jindal Haley Barbour Dave Heineman Chris Christie Jon Kyl Johnny Isakson Mike Crapo Dan Coats Mitch McConnell Olympia Snowe Susan Collins Mike Johanns Lindsey Graham Kay Bailey Hutchinson John Cornyn Mike Enzi Obviously some of these are more likely than others...and some might well refuse if they were offered...but these are the names that fit my requirements (at least four years in office, appealing either to moderates or the party base, did not have an obvious problem (had to delete a few names for racist remarks, etc, that would be bad in general but especially in trying to defeat the first black president), and under 72 years old. Don't add presidential candidates to the list. For example, if Mitt Romney is on your president and vice president lists, then Mitt Romney can choose Mitt Romney as his VP.
  11. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    RZ, on the subject of Vice Presidents: A matter of personal taste, but I deleted all the Dem VPs except Biden. I actually included Clinton and Emmanuel in my own scenario last year, but at this point in the game, I can't see a change being made to Biden's position. On the Republican side, I've deleted a few of the 2012 presidential contenders from the VP slots. The reason is that the game automatically adds Presidential candidates as potential VPs. I don't remember which ones you had there, but I deleted all of them except for Huckabee, Daniels, and Pawlenty as I could feasibly see them as VPs more than I could, say, Romney or Palin or Gingrich (who I see as either Presidential candidates or nothing at all). I'm not sure about Scott Walker. The first rule of VP is "First, do no harm." Walker's been governor for exactly four months and most of that has been marked by unions camping out inside the capitol building and the legislator hiding in other states. ;c) He certainly appeals to the far right, but I'm not sure how realistic it is. For now, I'm leaving him in, but only until I come up with a few replacements. Nikki Haley is more likely, but as a quasi-practicing Sikh, there may be some baggage there (fair or otherwise). I'll probably still leave her in, at least for now. All of that, like I said, is just my own opinion. Things I think most of us can agree on though is that Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, and Ron Johnson simply don't have the experience. By the 2012 election, each of them will have exactly TWO years of experience. Yes, Obama did it...but the Republican cry was that he just wasn't experienced enough. Likewise, Palin's inexperience tanked McCain's half-hearted attempt as well. I'm more lenient on inexperienced governors because if they're doing particularly well, it's more feasible (especially if they govern a swing state). That said, probably 80% of your VP candidates will have less than a full term under their belt (either senate or governor) by 2012. I'm leaving the inexperienced governors in my game for right now, until I can replace them. Give me a day or two, and I'll give you a list of feasible Republican VPs with at least one term behind them. As an aside, I noticed in my last run through that my space-barred Ron Paul libertarian got 9.4% of the national vote. Without taking a single action, he received more votes than Ross Perot in 1996, the most successful third-party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt. ;c)
  12. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    Double post, sorry!
  13. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    RZ, just wanted to give you some more feedback. I haven't seen the weird "Gingrich gives up after winning" thing again. So far, I've seen Romney, Gingrich, and Huckabee win the nomination...and Gingrich (Huckabee VP) and Huckabee (DeMint VP) have each managed to actually beat Obama. Of the many 2012 scenarios I've played (including my own), this is easily the most balanced both in the primaries and the actual election. Great work! Still room for improvement as there always is, and I look forward to playing McCain's scenario too, but just wanted to say great job!
  14. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    Also, I don't know if unions and collective bargaining should be seperate issues. Maybe change one to Libya or "Middle East unrest" or something similar?
  15. Actinguy

    2012 Advance

    Thanks! Just space barred a game as libertarian Ron Paul. Overall, very impressed...although there was one major flaw. Iowa went to Huckabee, while New Hampshire surprisingly went to Bachman. Immediately, Pawlenty, Daniels, and Cain all dropped. Pawlenty and Cain endorsed Huckabee, while Daniels went for Romney. Another string of primaries, and it seems like Huckabee is in the lead (although this is just my assumption, I didn't actually check) when Huckabee suddenly dropped out of the race in mid February. Surprising, but maybe I was wrong about Huckabee's vote totals. Bachman dropped in March, Palin was out by April...by May, it was Romney, Trump, Gingrich (in order of delegates). All of a sudden, Gingrich went on a run where he collected the last ten...maybe 15 states...all by himself. He knocked Trump out of the race. When the dust settled on June 7th (all primaries done), Ginrich has 1176, while Romney had 1172. Crazy close, but Gingrich won! Except...he didn't. A week or so later, it was GINGRICH who dropped out (despite having enough delegates), giving the nomination to Romney. When the time came, Romney repayed the favor by choosing Gingrich as his VP. Obama chose Bayh. I didn't like that, but that's a matter of personal taste and I'll just remove everyone but Biden on the democrats side. The true campaign was back and forth for a while, with Obama finally winning re-election with 311 to 227. States were fairly distributed. So, overall, I'm very impressed (especially considering I've previously tried to build a 2012, and was stimmied with the fact that Obama crushed any Republican, so I know how hard it is to build balance!) That said, Gingrich leaving the race after he won (and possibly Huckabee leaving while he's ahead?) definitely need looked at. Thanks again though! Love the addition!