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  1. @Conservative Elector 2 Need a new Representative for the Budget committee.
  2. Albert Gallatin can't stay as Chair of the Foreign Affairs committee since he's Senate Majority Leader, so I'll promote @Kingthero Nathaniel Macon to Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Senator Aaron Burr will replace Macon on the Judicial committee. On that note, @Reagan04, Rufus King can't stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee for the same reason, so he'll need to be replaced.
  3. COMPROMISE TARIFF Passes in the Senate. House: Aye: @Hestia11 96, @WVProgressive 64, @Actinguy 101, @Herbert Hoover 100 = 361 Nay: @Reagan04 117 = 117 Abstain: @SilentLiberty 65 = 65 Has not voted: @Conservative Elector 2: 118 That's more than enough to pass it. The Compromise Tariff becomes law! Revenue moves up to -10, but we're still in an economic panic. I'm going to process the points momentarily, but it will take me a little while. I"ll give @Hestia11 until then to appoint Ambassadors. It's been about 48 hours. If he doesn't respond by the time I'm ready, President Jackson will just reappoint the old ambassadors to their slots. I need to send an ambassador out to a country before the election, and 48 hours should be long enough to wait.
  4. For abstaining instead of proposing legislation when they could have: @Reagan04: 180 @Kingthero: 130
  5. SLAVE EXPORTATION BAN: Rolled for the possible negative economic effects -- got a 4. No impact. @SilentLiberty: 980 @Herbert Hoover: 1260 @Conservative Elector 2: 880 @Reagan04: 880 @WVProgressive: 660 @Actinguy: 720 @Hestia11: 260 @Kingthero: -120
  6. To @SilentLiberty, @Herbert Hoover, @Conservative Elector 2, @WVProgressive, @Hestia11, @Kingthero for a vote.
  7. After people vote on my Compromise Tariff proposal, it will just be @Reagan04 left to propose something.
  8. Haha -- I went back and checked. My promise was "I'm open to the idea, but would it pass the House?" I'm now even less convinced that it would pass, so we shouldn't move forward with it.
  9. Things changed - there was a revolution! The President was executed, you may have read about it. Chairman Duvall is terrified. ;c)
  10. Haha. I mean, we can put it up to a vote -- but it'll fail in the Senate, so I'm actually saving you points by shelving it.
  11. Chairman Duvall offers his sincerest apologies, but Senate Majority Leader Gallatin has asked him to shelve the proposal for now.
  12. Senate Majority Leader Albert Gallatin follows in President Jackson's Bipartisan footprints by proposing the Compromise Tariff. This is a bipartisan measure aimed at boosting our economy out of the doldrums and into a new era of prosperity! (That leaves just @Reagan04 to with an open proposal slot).
  13. Just realized I didn't do my inaugural goals. I'd intended to include banning the exportation of slaves, but it would feel cheap to say it retroactively. Damn. Okay. Inauguration goals. 1) Passing the Compromise Tariff to try to help our failing economy. 2) Boosting our relations with...a country. I'll specify this once @Conservative Elector 2 names the ambassadors.
  14. Banning exportation of slaves has passed in the Senate. In the House... AYE: @Reagan04 117, @Actinguy 101, @WVProgressive 64, @Herbert Hoover 100 @Conservative Elector 2 118 = 500 NAY: @Kingthero 96 = 96 ABSTAIN: @SilentLiberty 65 = 65 HASN'T VOTED YET: @Hestia11 96 The measure passes in the House as well, and President Jackson signs it into law! Ready for the next proposals, @Reagan04, @Kingthero, me, and/or any committee members.
  15. @swejie The most immediate ramification for this card is the influence points. If it passes, the Conservative Party Leader (currently Shamilton President Washington) gets 2 Influence Points. But Shamilton had to spend one influence point to propose it (because Franklin's ability level isn't as high as the card's difficulty level), so he'll net one influence point if it passes. So, this card basically comes down to "I'm going to help Shamilton" or "I'm not going to help Shamilton". Notably, the influence point would belong to President Washington, and Washington is so old he could literally drop dead at any time -- and if he dies, the influence points disappear with him. So, this is a pretty low stakes proposal, all things considered. Unless you just really don't like Shamilton, or have some other strategy brewing.
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