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  1. You can't right now... although many have been asking for this feature. PLEASE PUT IT IN TO THE GAME!!!
  2. i wish i read this board before I bought the add-on... I'm waiting for this option the most, please make this functional... please!!!
  3. UMP

    President Forever + Primaries FAQ

    Changing General Election from FPP to PR does not work... will something like this ever be available? PLEASE?!?
  4. I think my request got lost in the bunch: please send anything
  5. please send the scenario to: Thanks!
  6. yeah, I love that stuff, too
  7. UMP

    Developer's Log #11

    looks interesting. can't wait to throw my money at it
  8. UMP


    send me all three then: raruggedman@yahoo.com thanks
  9. UMP

    Chancellor Forever Scenario Designer Notes

    How can I change the number of HN seats available in my election ? I want to minimize primary election seats and maximize the HN seats, although I'm stuck at around 40-43 HN seats to my 16 provinces (with 1 elector each)... Adjusting population doesn't work since it just takes the HN seats from the other provinces. Any ideas ???